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Islamic History SSC-II / 10th Class Syllabus and Model Papers Federal Board Secondary School Certificate

For Class X (marks 75)


1.         Role of the Umayyad in Islamic Civilization

            i.          Amir Muawiya.

            ii.         Yazid (Karbala & Hazrat Imam Hussain) 

            iii.        Abdullah Bin Zubair.

            iv.        Abdul Malik Bin Marwan.

            v.         Walid Bin Abdul Malik.

            vi.        Sulaiman bin Abdul Malik.

            vii.       Umar bin Abdul Aziz

            viii.      Causes of decline.


2.         Importance of the Umayyad Khulafa

            i.          Expansion and propagation of Islam. (Contributions of Hujjaj Bin Yusuf                            Muhammad Ibni Qasim, Qutaiba bin Muslim, Muslama, Musa Ibni                          Nusair, Tariq Bin Ziyad) 

            ii.         Cultural and Scientific achievements

            iii.        Administration.


3.         Role of Abbasid Khulafa in Islamic Civilization

            i.          Alsaffah

            ii.         Al‑Mansoor

            iii.        Harun‑ur‑Rashid

            iv.        Baramika

            v.         Mamun‑ur‑Rashid

            vi.        Al‑Muatasim


4.         Importance of the Abbasid Khulafa

            i.          Cultural scientific and literary achievements

            ii.  Propagation & expansion of Islam

            iii. Administrative reforms                     

            iv. Socio‑economic development           

            v.         Causes of decline




            The question papers will be syllabus oriented. However, the following books are recommended for reference and supplementary reading:

            1.         Tareekh-e-Islam

                        Masood Hyder Bukhari

                        Standard Book House, Lahore.

            2.         A Study of Islamic History

                        K. Ali

                        Publisher Emporium, Lahore