9th Class Biology Guess Paper 2017

9th Class Biology Guess Paper 2017

Note: (9th Class Biology Guess Paper 2017) All published material contains an informatory data which is only gathered for educational purpose. These guesses are prepared after detailed analysis of past five years exams. Our entire team and/or publishers are not responsible in case of variation in assumed results and outcomes. However the purposes of attempted efforts are to provide accurate and effective knowledge to the readers, in any case our entire team and/or publishers will not be responsible for the accuracy or misusage of all published material.

موسٹ امپورٹنٹ سوالات کے لیا سائٹ پیپر سے کچھ دن پھیلے بی چیک کریں: شکریہ

یہ پیپر اولڈ اور نیو کورس کا تجزیہ کر کے تیار کیا گیا ہے (٢٠١٠ سے ٢٠١۶ اولڈ پپیرس ). اپپنے سلیبس کے مطابق تیاری کریں شکریہ.

Multiple Choice Questions, Short Questions and Long Questions. All in One.

Topic # 1

Write down names of bio-molecules groups. | ATP stand by and Who discovered the ATP molecule? | What is Molecular biology? What molecules are studied in it? | Give two examples of Micro molecule and Macro molecules each. | Write down two benefits of bio-diversity. | What is bio-energetic? | What is bio-informatics? | Differentiate between bio-physics and bio-chemistry | Explain the impact of human being on bio-diversity? | Write down the steps for conservation of bio-diversity | What is bio-diversity? Write two points on the importance of bio-diversity. | Describe the steps involved in solving a problem through bio-logical method. | How the principle of ratio and proportion are used in bio-logical method? | Quantitative observations are better in biological method. How? | Name different steps of biological method of study. | How would you differentiate between population level and community level of Bio-logical organization? | Write bio-logical name and importance of mustard plant. | Define bio-technology. How bio-technology helps mankind? Explain. | Write the bio-logical name of man. | What are biolements? | Define biogeography. | What do you mean by biogenesis? | What is difference between Zoology and Botany?

Topic # 2

Describe any two uses of Enzymes. | Explain uses of enzymes in any three industries. | What is the main use of enzymes in food industry? | Who used the term enzymes for the first time? | Write down the name of industries where enzymes are extensively used? | Write down the two characteristics Enzymes. | What characteristic of enzymes makes them specific for substrates? | What is meant by denaturing of enzymes? | How enzymes are used in biological detergent. | What are the effects of change in Substrate Concentration on the rate of Enzyme Action? | Briefly describe the factors that affect the activity of enzymes? | Draw a simple diagram to explain that Enzyme lower the Activation Energy By which ways Enzymes lower their Activation Energy. | What do you mean by catalytic activity of enzymes? | What is the difference between intracellular and extra cellular enzymes? | What is meant by enzyme active site? Give its role in enzyme activity. | What are co-enzymes? Give their function. | Describe lock and key model of Enzyme Action. | Name two important vitamins which act as co-enzyme. | What factors affect the rate of enzyme reaction? Write name. | What is the role of enzymes in metabolism? | Write affect on speed of enzymes by increasing temperature?

Topic # 3

Define cellular respiration. | Write the mechanism of Respiration. | What are the three main stages of aerobic respiration? | Explain energy budget of respiration process in detail. | Differentiate between aerobic and anaerobic respiration. | What is photosynthesis? Write its equation. | How will you compare respiration photosynthesis? | Write a comprehensive note on limiting factors in photosynthesis. | Where in the chloroplast light reactions of photosynthesis take place?

Topic # 4

What are vitamins? Which are the two main groups of vitamins? | How are vitamins A, C and D important in our diets? | What is the function of vitamin C in body? | Explain the use sources and deficiency symptoms of vitamin C in the body. | What are role of vitamin D in human body? | Write name of diseases due to the deficiency of vitamin D. | What are fat soluble vitamins?

Topic # 5

Define dengue fever. | Write the causes of dengue fever. | Describe the preventive measures about dengue fever. | Patients bleed from the nose, gums and under the skin in dengue fever. Give reason. | What is meant by the word malaria? | Describe two observations of A.F.A King about malaria. | Why do the welts appear after mosquito bites or leaves the skin? | Why do female mosquitoes feed on body of mammals or birds?

Topic # 6

What role root hair play in life of plants? | What are the functions of roots in plants and how would you relate the internal structure of root with the uptake of water and salts? | Is “root hair” a cell in plant or not? Describe its structure Plants do not make their Why?

Topic # 7

Define pulse. | What are cardiac muscles? | Describe the structure and action (function) of the heart of man? | Write a detailed note on structure and function of human heart. | What four chambers make the human heart and how blood flows through these Chambers? | What is meant by Heart Beat? Describe the steps of a complete Cardiac Cycle How the sounds of dubb and dub are produced? | Define cardio vascular disorders?

Topic # 8

Write components of human food. | Write a note on Lipids in Food? | Write two reasons of stomach ulcer. | Discuss the role of stomach in the process of digestion. | Describe few methods of food preservation? | Define the phases that occur during nutrition. | Describe digestion and absorption intestine. | What is the role of large intestine in the process of digestion? | How does digested food move from small intestine to blood? | Give two functions and parts of large intestine. | Why small intestine is efficient for the absorption of digested food?

Topic # 9

Write down two functions of liver. | Write the weight and size of liver in an adult human.| Write a comprehensive note on the role of Liver.

Topic # 10

What is active transport? | Write down names of two systems of transport of materials in human. | What kind of transport system is in invertebrates? | What do you know about electron transport chain? | Define transmission electron microscope | What do you mean by scanning electron microscope? | What is meant by resolving power of a microscope?

Topic # 11

Define “Taxanomy” and “Systematics”. | Write the major contribution of Carious Linnaeus in taxanomy. | Describe taxas of taxanomy.

Topic # 12

What is meant by Organ System? | Explain three rules followed when giving scientific names of living organisms. In what ways the respiratory energy is used in the body of organisms? | What are unicelluar organisms? Give examples. | What is species? Write an example. | A species consists of similar organisms. | When does an animal species become extinct? | In ecosystem, when a species is called extinct? | How many species of animals and plants have been discovered.

Topic # 13

Define nutrition. | What is malnutrition? Write down the effects of malnutrition? | Differentiate between nutrient and nutrition. | What is Protein energy malnutrition? | What is protein and from where we get it? | What do you mean by proportion? | Why the portion inside the Flask could not make starch? | Difference between the modes of nutrition of fungi and animals? | Write a note on Fungi.

Topic # 14

What is meant by Deforestation? Write down the causes and effects of Deforestation Also write down the importance of forests.

Topic # 15

What are the functions of Blood? | Explain two blood disorders in detail | What is Universal Donor? | Write a note on White Blood Cells? | Where red blood cells are formed in human? Describe their structure and function. | Does the red blood cell appear to be a rigid or a flexible structure? | What is the relation between the diameters of the red blood. | Write a details note on blood vessels Write about their types, Structures and functions. | How blood disorder Leukemia is different from another disorder thalassaemia? | What is meant by blood transfusion? Discuss Blood transfusions in ABO blood group System. | Write the composition & function of Red Blood Cells? | What is the function of fibrinogen and albumin in blood? | What is the difference in blood pressure in pulmonary and systemic circulation? | How does blood clot make? What does it do? | In the circulatory system, where the blood pressure is lowest? | Why is the velocity of blood flow the lowest in capillaries? | Write the role of capillaries in human blood Circulatory System.

Topic # 16

Write down the scientific name of Frog and two characteristics. | Describe digestive system of Frog.

Topic # 17

What are tissues? | Write down the names of two types, of simple tissues. | What are Ground Tissues? | Define meristematic tissue. | Types of permanent tissues? | Difference between xylem are phloem tissues? | Write a note on meristemetic tissues. | Write a note on Apoptosis. | What are conducting tissues in plants for water? Write two kinds of its cell. | What is Muscle Tissue? Give its different Types And What is the function of muscular tissue? | Describe the major animal tissues (epithelial, connective, muscular and nervous) in terms of their cell specificities, locations and functions. | Describe any four types of epithelial tissues in detail. | What are epithelial tissues? Give their functions. | Where is found nervous tissue? What is its role?

Topic # 18

Who proposed the three Kingdom system of classification? | Explain three main types of organisms placed in Kingdom protista. | Explain general characteristics of Kingdom Protista and Plantae. | Why virus are not included in five kingdom system? | Give the characteristics of kingdom Monera.

Topic # 19

What types of animals are produced in cross bread? | How is cytokinesis different in plant cells as compared to animal cell? | Differentiate between the plant and animal cells with the help of suitable diagram. | Differentiate Between Plant Mitosis & Animal Mitosis? | What are the problems faced by animal and plant cells to, maintain their water quantity? | Explain Water Balance Problems in Animals and in Plants. | What is basic difference human and animals? | What do you mean by closed circulatory system? In which animal is it present?

Topic # 20

Define forestry. | Write a comprehensive note on farming and forestry.

Topic # 21

Write down the name of two diseases caused by minerals deficiency. | What are Minerals and from where we get them?

Topic # 22

Define reverse osmosis. | How do stomata open by osmosis? | Difference between diffusion and osmosis? | Define osmosis and tonicity

Topic # 23

What is control? | Apply Vaseline on the lower surface of the leaf, set up the same apparatus as control, and note the observation Soil, or leaves or outside where could the liquid have come from?

Topic # 24

What is the function of cytoplasm? | Define cytoplasm Give its chemical composition

Topic # 25

What is the chemical composition of prokaryotic cell wall? | Differentiate between primary and secondary cell walls. | What is the difference between Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic.

Topic # 26

Explain two factors which can cause transpiration pull. | How do different factors affect the rate of transpiration? | Describe the Cohesion tension theory to explain transpiration of Water in Plant. | What are the different factors that affect the rate of Transpiration? | What do you mean by transpiration? Explain it?

Topic # 27

What is role of potassium ions in the opening of stomata? | What is meant by turgidity and its relation with stomata? | What other things besides carbon dioxide might pass into or out of the leaf through the stomata? | Most leaves have many more stomata in the lower epidermis than on the upper epidermis Suggest the reasons. | If all the stomata are closed but the results with cobalt chloride are the same as in your experiment, how would you explain it?

Topic # 28

What is meant by Necrosis? | What is process of necrosis? | Differentiate between apoptosis and necrosis. | Write its causes Also describe different events and some distinctive patterns of Necrosis.

Topic # 29

How the soil water content is made available to the upper water columns of plants? | What is meant by “Source” in plants? Explain with an example. | What is the importance of molybdenum for plants? | How do aquatic plants obtain carbon dioxide?

Topic # 30

Define classification. | Explain the basis of classification. | Why classification is necessary? | Name any four texa of classification.
Write down any two aims of classification. | Define the term of classification What are its aims basis and principles?

Topic # 31

Explain how surface area to volume ratio limits cell size. | Differentiate between somatic and germ line cells. | Write three main principles / postulates of cell theory. | Explain the structure of cell membrane with diagram. | We will not observe the movement of water in the stem, it the leaves of plant are covered with cellophane paper How is that? | What are principles of modern cell theory? | What was the work of Robert Hooke in cell theory? | Write the salient features of cell theory. | Give the Structure of Ribosomes and Golgi apparatus? | Write down the function of Ribosome’s in cell.

Topic # 32

Write the contributions of two Muslims Scientists in biology. | What are the contributions of Whittaker? | Define biology Describe the major divisions and branches of biology. | Contribution of Jabir Bin Hayan, Abdul Malik Asmai and Bu Ali Sinain biology. | How Biology is related to other Sciences? Describe any four. Z Why Bu Ali Sina is famous? | Explain any four careers in biology. | What is role of Bu All Sena in Biology?

Topic # 33

What are nitrogen fertilizers? | Describe the role of Nitrogen and Magnesium in plants. | Write down the importance of Fertilizers. | Explain with example that distinction between organic and inorganic fertilizers.

Topic # 34

Define cell cycle and Name two major phases of cell cycle and which phase is divided into three Name these phases. | Discuss four phases of inter phase during cell cycle. | What is the cell cycle and what are it main phases?

Topic # 35

Define mitosis and closed mitosis. | Explain metaphase and anaphase from phases of mitosis | Explain the changes which take place during prophase of mitosis. | Explain the various events of mitosis. | Explain the significance of Mitosis.

Topic # 36

Endocytosis and cell division of plants gametes by meiosis. | Describe the importance of meiosis. | Describe the some errors in meiosis.

Topic # 37

What are the health risks if we take non saturated fatty acids in our diet? | Define Unsaturated Fatty Acid | Why are water and dietary fibers considered important in our diets? | What are dietary fibers? | Define balanced diet How would you relate it with age, sex and activity? | How water is important in our diet?


What are arteries? | Write any two differences between arteries and veins.

Describe the summary of the events of light reaction. | Write a note on Light Microscope and Electron Microscope

Write two properties of a good hypothesis. | How hypothesis is framed?

What role does the pericardial fluid play? | What are pericardium and pericardial fluid?

What is the role of colon bacteria? | What is the function of colon?

Differentiate between function of mitochondria and ribosomes.

What is meant by optimum temperature?| Define Optimum pH.

What is meant by pinocytosis? | Differentiate between phagocytosis and pinocytosis.

What is peristalsis? | Describe swallowing and peristalsis?

What is systematic circulation?

Define niacronutrient with example.

Differentiate between endocytosis and exocytosis.

Differentiate between bicuspid and tricuspid valve.

What do you mean by vascular surgery? | What is Angioplasty and Bypass surgery?

What is meant by hypertonic and hypotonic solutions?

What are the sources of carbohydrates? | Write a note on carbohydrates.

Define anabolism. | Difference between anabolism and catabolism?

Define chromosomes How are chromosomes formed during prophase? | Differentiate between chromatin and chromosomes.

Describe the formation and function of lysosomes? | Write a short note on lysosomes.

Define nucleolu and explain the function of nucleolus in a nucleus? | Write a descriptive note on structure and function of nucleus.

Differentiate theory and law. | Define Cohesion Tension theory.

Write the symptoms of diarrhoea and constipation. | Write down the note on Diarrhoea.

What is Diffusion? Explain it with examples. Differentiate between diffusion and facilitated diffusion.

What is lactic acid fermentation?

Define antigen.

What is Theory?

Define alcoholic fermentation.

Define Prosthetic group.

What are goiter and Anemia?

How does pH affect activity?

Differentiate between Inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning.

What is Cytokinesis?

Define habitat.

Define genetics?

Write down the function of pharynx?

What is responsible for the increase in the length of potato strip?

Define systole and diastole.

Define community and explain it with an example.

What is the role of over-hunting in extinction?

Give two advantages of apoptosis.

What is krebs cycle?

Differentiate between bolus and chyme.

Who discover the lock and key model and define lock and key model?

What is Genetic recombination? What is its significance?

What is Binomial Nomenclature? Give its major rules with examples and also give its significance.

What are the benefits of using binomial nomenclature?

Describe the structure and function of centrioles and vacuoles.

Differentiate between paleaontology and parasitology.

What are centrioles? Give their function.

Explain the steps involved in dark reaction.

What difficulties can you foresee in using oil test with samples which contain both lipids and water?

Are virus considered living or non-living? Discuss.

Write down the note on roles of Calcium and Iron.

Write a note of Platelets? With the help of its functions.

Write a detail note on ulcer.

Differentiate between qualitative and quantitative observations.

Define physiology and embryology.

Differentiate between Physiology, Morphology and anatomy.

What is the difference between apical meristems and lateral meristems?

Define myocardial infarction.

Write a note on Mushroom.

Write a note on Algae.

Describe the meaning of words “mala” and “aria”.

Why was the experimental test tube incubated at 37°C?

What are Sieve Tube Cells?

Who was Rudolf Virchow? What was his idea?

Who gave the concept of metabolism? Also define metabolism?

Where are RBCs formed in embryonic life?

When scientific name does is abbreviated? Give examples?

What is the reason of atherosclerosis?

What is the function of cork cambium?

What is taxon?

What is phragmoplast?

What is Paleontology?

Give definition of fossil and evolution.

What is meant by defection?

What is meant by churning?

What is limiting factor?

What is induced fit model? Who did propose it?

What is incubation period?

What is horticulture?

What is homology?

What is habituate of marcopoloe sheep?

What is go phase?

What is glycogen?

What is gastrin?

What is gametephyte?

What is gall bladder?

What is diarrhea?

What is dehydration?

Define crossing Over.

What is chlorophyll?

What is cartilage? Give their structure and function.

What is cancer? How is it caused?

What is Appendix?

What is Angina pectoris?

What is a nucleoid?

What does communal life mean?

Define blebs. What is another name of these?

What is the function in cell?

What is pus? How is it formed?

Write a note on Rhizopus

What do you know about hibernation?

Define Filtration and process.

What are variables?

What are rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulums?

What are reptiles?

What are parasites? Give an example.

What are microtubules?

What do you mean by scientific method?

What are metabolic pathways? What are their functions?

What are macronutrients? Give an example.

What are lenticels?

What are hypotonic solutions?

What are coral reefs?

What are chromoplasts? Write the role of chrornoplasts.

What are capillaries?

What are benign tumors?

What are bacteriophages?

Define Glycolysis.

What are amino acids?

Define pigments. | What are accessory pigments?

Name three types of plastids.

Give the detail of functions of oral cavity.

Give the classification of fruit fly.

Explain what is the saturation of active sites?

Explain deductions.

Describe metaphase-I?

Define the term data.

Define substrate and product.

Define reproduction When does it occur?

Define population Give examples.

Define plasmolysis.

Define Photolysis?

Define oxidation and reduction.

Define metastasis?

Define life What diversity is press on the earth?

Define inhibitors.

Define Entomology and pharmacology.

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