9th Class Past Papers 2015 Lahore Board Physics Subjective Group 1

Physics 9th, Lahoire Board, 2015 Group-I
Time 2.45 hours Essay Type Marks – 63


Question # 2

Write short answers to any Five (5) questions 10

(i) Write the definition of Physics.
(ii) What is meant by derived quantities? Give an example.
(iii) Differentiate between Scalars and Vectors.
(iv) Differentiate between speed and velocity.
(v) Define acceleration and write its formula.
(vi) Define momentum and write its unit.
(vii) Differentiate between mass and weight.
(viii) Define centripetal force and write its mathematical form.

Question # 3

Write short answers to any Six (6) questions 12

(i) Differentiate between like and unlike parallel forces.
(ii) Why a body cannot be in equilibrium due to a single force,acting on it?
(iii) Differentiate between axis of rotation and moment arm.
(iv) What is meant by the force of gravitation?
(v) If R is a doubled then what will be changed GMe in equation g = R2
(vi) Define kinetic energy and write its equation.
(vii) Define work and write its unit.
(viii) Define sound energy.
(ix) Who predicted mass-energy equation? Also
(x) write its equation.

Question # 4

Write short answers to any Five (5) questions 10

(i) Define pressure and give its unit.
(ii) State the Pascal’s Law.
(iii) What is meant by thermal equilibrium?
(iv) Write two uses of bimetallic strip.
(v) What is meant by upper and lower fixed points of thermometer?
(vi) Define specific Heat.
(vii) What is meant by Green House Effect?
(viii) Describe the effect of length on thermal conductivity.


Note: Attempt any THREE questions.

Question # 5

(a) Derive the second equation of motion with the help of speed time graph. 4
(b) What are the measuring instruments? Explain the meter rod. 3

Question # 6

(a) Write a note on momentum. 4
(b) The steering of a car has a radius 16 cm. Find the torque produced by a couple of 50N. 3

Question # 7

(a) Determine the mass of earth using the Law of GraVitation. 4
(b) A car weighing 12 KN has speed of 20 ms-/. Find the kinetic energy. 3

Question # 8

(a) Define Young’s Modulus and derive its equation. 4
(b) The mass of 200 cm3 of stone is 500 gram. Find its density. 3

Question # 9

(a) Write use of conductors and non conductors. 4
(b) How much heat is required to change 100 g of water at 100°C into steam? (Latent heat of vaporization of water is 2.26x 106 Jkg-1).

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