Electromagnetic Theory In PowerPoint

  Introduction to Electrical Engineering
  Introduction to Electromagnetic Fields; Maxwell's Equations; Electromagnetic Fields in Materials; Phasor Concepts; Electrostatics: Coulomb's Law, Electric Field, Discrete and Continuous Charge Distributions; Electrostatic Potential
  Electrostatics: Electrostatic Potential; Charge Dipole; Visualization of Electric Fields; Potentials; Gauss's Law and Applications; Conductors and Conduction Current
  Electrostatics: Electrostatic Shielding; Poisson's and Laplace's Equations; Capacitance; Dielectric Materials and Permittivity
  Electrostatics: Dielectric Breakdown, Electrostatic Boundary Conditions, Electrostatic Potential Energy; Conduction Current and Ohm's Law
  Electromotive Force; Kirchoff's Laws; Redistribution of Charge; Boundary Conditions for Steady Current Flow
  Magnetostatics: Ampere's Law Of Force; Magnetic Flux Density; Lorentz Force; Biot-savart Law; Applications Of Ampere's Law In Integral Form; Vector Magnetic Potential; Magnetic Dipole; Magnetic Flux
  Magnetostatics: Mutual And Self-inductance; Magnetic Fields In Material Media; Magnetostatic Boundary Conditions; Magnetic Forces And Torques
  Faraday's Law Of Electromagnetic Induction; Displacement Current; Complex Permittivity and Permeability
  Uniform Plane Wave Solutions to Maxwell's Equations
  Electromagnetic Power Flow; Reflection And Transmission Of Normally and Obliquely Incident Plane Waves; Useful Theorems
  Overview Of Circuit Theory; Lumped Circuit Elements; Topology Of Circuits; Resistors; KCL and KVL; Resistors in Series and Parallel; Energy Storage Elements; First-Order Circuits

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