Financial Management In PowerPoint

  An Overview Of Financial Management
  Financial Statements, Cash Flow, And Taxes
  Analysis Of Financial Statements
  The Financial Environment: Markets, Institutions, And Interest Rates
  Risk And Rates Of Return
  Time Value Of Money
  Bonds And Their Valuation
  Stocks And Their Valuation
  The Cost Of Capital
  The Basics Of Capital Budgeting
  Cash Flow Estimation And Risk Analysis
  Other Topics in Capital Budgeting
  Capital Structure And Leverage
  Distributions To Shareholders: Dividends And Share Repurchases
  Managing Current Assets
  Financing Current Assets
  Financial Planning And Forecasting
  Derivatives and Risk Management
  Multinational Financial Management
  Hybrid Financing: Preferred Stock, Leasing, Warrants, and Convertibles
  Mergers and Acquisitions

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