Advertising and Sales Promotion Spring 2008


Level: BA Semester: Spring 2008

Paper: Advertising and Sales Promotion (Code 439) Maximum marks: 100

Time allowed: 3 Hours Pass marks: 40



Q.No.1 What are the informations which are helpful for the manufacturing company in promoting their products within the country and abroad?


Q.No.2 What is most important task for the marketing manager of “HONDA” motor-cycle in Pakistan? Discuss.


Q.No.3 What are the components of cost or tariff for display of outdoor signs? Discuss with reference to advertising agency.


Q.No.4 Discuss the advantages and modern views of sales promotion method in and out of country.


Q.No.5 What are the characteristics and types of “product literature” in Pakistan? How to make effective?


Q.No.6 What are the “Launching Strategy” of new products? Discuss with reference to Pakistan and name any product.


Q.No.7 Discuss the functions of “Advertising Agency”. Do you think that which I functions are not performed completely in Pakistan? Give reasons.



(a) Encircle the True or False Statements:

            (i) Outdoor advertising is most often used as a primary medium T/F

            (ii) Average-circulation of newspaper is about l8 to 20 per 100 persons. T/F

            (iii) There are about 2,000 magazines being published in Pakistan. T/F

            (iv) Cinema sometimes proves be an attractive advertising source. T/F

            (v) lnfact, Radio is an excellent medium for the target of marketing. T/F

(b) Fill in the Blanks.

            (i) When an advertiser does not want a special position, PTV treats this spot as a…………… spot.

            (ii) Press advertising rates vary not only from newspapers but also according to certain other………..

            (iii) Specialized journals published in Pakistan except………….

            (iv) For front page insertions, the extra charge is usually between…………of the normal casual or contract rate.

            (v) A contract rate is allowed to those who use up amount of advertising space within a……..……

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