Functional English 435 Autumn 2006


Level: BA: Autumn 2006

Paper: Functional English (Code 435) Maximum marks: 100

Time allowed: 3 Hours Pass marks: 40



Compare and contrast an illiterate person with an educated person. Your paragraph should at least comprise 10-15 lines.



Read the following statement:

"Eating proper and balanced diet is essential because it gives us energy and strength."

Write a paragraph of 10 sentences stating causes and effects of good and bad food on our health.



Read the following paragraph and then answer the questions:

2003 The International Year of Freshwater by Sabeen Idris

If you have clean drinking water available then you are one of the lucky ones on this planet. Recent research has revealed that dirty water kills 2.2 million people a year. Approximately 40% of the people in this world live in countries where water is scarce and by 2025 the figure is expected to rise to 55% with such a crisis looming, the UN I'M declared the year 2003 as "The International Year of Freshwater”. The resolution, adopted on December 20, 2000, was initiated by the Government of Tajikistan and supported by 148 other countries. The internal year of freshwater aims to encourage governments to increase awareness about the importance, management and protection of sustainable freshwater To this end, a raft of activities will be initiated on an international, national and regional level.

i) Why is freshwater necessary for human beings?

ii) How much rise is expected by 2025 in the percentage of people in the world living in the countries where water is scarce?

iii) Which government initiated the resolution on freshwater and when?

iv) What does the internal year of freshwater aim at?

v) What kind of activities do you suggest for this year? 



Your pen friend is going to visit your country for a few weeks with his/her two brothers. Your house is big enough for him/her to stay with you but there is not enough room for his/her brothers. There are hotels near your house but they are very expensive. The third hotel is cheaper, but is at least five miles away. Write a letter to your pen friend, explaining the situation.



A paragraph is a group of sentences related to one idea or topic. Careful paragraphing helps to clarify ideas and enables the reader to following the development of the subject step by step. Write a paragraph on the "Solidarity Makes Us Strong."



You have seen an advertisement in a newspaper for the post of Technician. Write an application to the Director, Human Resources of I.C.I for this post.



You are a student. Your day starts with Fajar prayers and ends with Isha prayers. During the day, you go to school and play games. Write a detailed note on your daily routine. The paragraph should have at least 20 lines. Use the sequence markers such as first, then, later on etc.



Change the narration of the following sentences

i) He said to me, "What is the matter?"

ii) He said, "Let us go out for a walk."

iii) He said to me, "Please give him this pen

iv) The visitor said to me, "Thank you."

v) She said to me, "Get up early in the morning"


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