Functional English 435 Spring 2008


Level: BA: Spring 2008

Paper: Functional English (Code 435) Maximum marks: 100

Time allowed: 3 Hours Pass marks: 40



(A) Form questions from the following statements:  

            (i). Clouds are passing across the sky.           

            (ii). The children fed the animals.      

            (iii). The boy saw the football match.

            (iv): After a little practice I can do this exercise.       

            (v). Owing to the care of the doctor the man got better.       

(B) Complete the following statements with tag questions:  

            (i). The TV film frightened him, ------------------------             

            (ii). He broke the world record, ------------------------              

            (iii). He hasn't telephoned the Peshawar office, ------------------------             

            (iv). He will interview the candidates, ------------------------                

            (v). Kalim doesn't like his job, ------------------------                



Write a letter to your younger brother advising hint to avid the company of bad boys.       



Write one sentence to express each of the following functions:

(i). Suggestion.

(ii). Appreciation.       

(iii). Admitting fault. 

(iv). Regret.    

(v). Asking permission.          

(vi). Advice.   

(vii). Warning.

(viii). Felicitation.       

(ix). Certainty.

(x). Doubt.     



You are going to interview someone about his/her experience in life. Write at least fifteen questions which you would like to ask.       



Write a job application to the Commercial Director of a firm for the post of a "Sales Officer".      



Change the following into indirect narration.

            (i). He said, "I want to eliminate injustice from society."      

            (ii). I said to him, "Don't interfere in my affairs."      

            (iii). He said to you, "Seek your salvation in the service of humanity."        

            (iv). He said to me, "Where do you live?"     

            (v). He said to you, "Let me study now."      



Write at least fifteen points you would like to give to your son who is making a choice for his future career.



Change the voice of the following:   

            (i). Who is knocking at the door?      

            (ii). Worries drove her mad.   

            (iii). What has the doctor prescribed for you?           

            (iv). She has given birth to a son.       

            (v). Carry out our instructions.           

            (vi). We have not cared for our own interests.          

            (vii). Lie will accede to my request.   

            (viii). Are you still brooding over your misfortune?  

            (ix). A drowning child will grasp at a straw. 

            (x). The police are intriguing with the dacoits.


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