BA English Language A Guess Paper 2017

BA English Language A Guess Paper 2017

Note: (BA English Language A Guess Paper 2017) All published material contains an informatory data which is only gathered for educational purpose. These guesses are prepared after detailed analysis of past five years exams. Our entire team and/or publishers are not responsible in case of variation in assumed results and outcomes. However the purposes of attempted efforts are to provide accurate and effective knowledge to the readers, in any case our entire team and/or publishers will not be responsible for the accuracy or misusage of all published material.

موسٹ امپورٹنٹ سوالات کے لیا سائٹ پیپر سے کچھ دن پھیلے بی چیک کریں: شکریہ

یہ پیپر اولڈ اور نیو کورس کا تجزیہ کر کے تیار کیا گیا ہے (٢٠١۲ سے ٢٠١۶ اولڈ پپیرس ). اپپنے سلیبس کے مطابق تیاری کریں شکریہ.

Frequently Asked Questions (2012 to 2016)

Short stories + Plays

The Smoke Screens
The New Constitution
The Duchess and the Jeweller
The Killers
Tell Tale Heart
The Boy Comes Home
The Happy Prince
he Bear
Rappaccini’s Daughter
The Little Willow
Take Pity
Some Thing to Talk

Short Stories and Plays Sample Questions

Explain the title “Smoke—Screens”, in your own words. (Smoke Screens)
Discuss the title of the play “The Smoke Screens.”

Draw a character sketch of Ustad Mangu.
Why was Ustad Mangu so excited about the implementation of the New Constitution? What did he expect of it? (The New Constitution)
Ustad Mangu is painted as a fool in “The New Constitution.” Support or refute the statement.

The human relations in “The Duchess and the Jeweller” are rotten to the core. (The Duchess and the Jeweller)
Things are rotten at the centre and rotten at the core in The Duchess and Jeweler. Discuss.
How far would you agree that The Duchess and the Jeweller depicts the moral decadence of the nobility?
Draw a character sketch of the Duchess in “The Duchess and The jeweler”

Write a note on Ole Anderson’s sickness with life. (The Killers)
How does Hemingway create suspense in the story The Killers?
Is Ole Anderson a coward? Discuss with reference to The Killers.

How the murderer in the story is forced to confess his crime? (Tell Tale Heart)
The narrator in “Tell Tale Heart” is a creative artist? Support or refute the statement.

Write a detailed note on the nature of conflict between Philip and James. (The Boy Comes Home).
Do you think that the ending of the play The Boy comes Home is justified?

Discuss the element of humour and irony in The Happy Prince.
What kind of a world Oscar Wilde create in The Happy prince?

How does Smirnov make a fun of Popova in “The Bear.”
What role does Smirnov perform in The Bear?
How far would you agree that The Bear is an absurd play?
Discuss the element of humour and absurdity in “The Bear.”

Critically analyze the ending of “Rappaccini’s Daughter”?
Do you think that Beatrice in Rappaccini’s Daughter is a real character of flesh and blood?
What kind of a character Rappaccini is?

Breakfast is a critique of modern civilization. Discuss. (Breakfast)

Simon keeps the willow as a token of Lisby’s love which gives him solace and strength before and at the time of death. Discuss. (The Little Willow)

“Take Pity” critiques the idea of male superiority. Give your own opinion.

What role does Bishop play in Some Thing to Talk About?

What causes the defeat of the central character in the story Araby?


The Solitary Reaper
Patriot into Traitor
After Apple Picking
When I have Fear
The Eclipse
Take the Plunge
New Year Resolutions
Science and Values
Woman Work
Departure and arrival
One Art
The Rebel
Because I Could Not Stop for Death
My Tailor
Poison Tree
Lights Out

Poems Sample Questions

Why does the song of the Solitary Reaper give immortal happiness to the poet “even it was heard no more.” (The Solitary Reaper)
What is the significance of the song in The Solitary Reaper?

How does the Poem “Patriot into Traitor” educate us about the political conditions prevailing in the third world countries? (Patriot into Traitor)
oes the poem Patriot into Traitor reflect the mood of frustration and disillusionment?
Discuss the Patriot into Traitor as a dramatic monologue.

Explain the title of the poem “After Apple Picking” in your own words.
“After Apple Picking” traces the journey from conscious to subconscious. Discuss.

How specific is the writer about what she expected to see? Does she suggest these expectation without stating them? (The Eclipse)
Describe the scene of eclipse I the essay The Eclipse.

How does Gloria Emerson maintain the focus on her feelings throughout the essay? Do these feelings change? (Take the Plunge)
“Take the Plunge” deals with human desire to do something unusual, discuss. (Take the Plunge).

Critically examine Forster’s views on tolerance. (Tolerance)
The rettuilding of civilization is arduous and impossible without tolerance, discuss. (Tolerance)”
“It is easy to see fanaticism in others liut difficult to spot in oneself.” Discuss with reference to Tolerance by Forster.

What are Russell’s view about Science and Values? (Science and Values)
Are Doctors men of science? Discuss.

Do you shdre the feeling of William Davies in “Leisure?”
Can leisure be helpful in rejuvenating life? (Leisure)

The poem “Woman Work” deals with the boredom felt in our daily life and especially of women. Discuss.
Draw a character sketch of the woman in the poem Woman Work.

“The poem Huntsman is a blend of funny and the unfunny aspects of life, the elements of suspense and irony create a shocking impact.” Do you agree? Explain your answer.
Discuss the rote of fate in the poem The Huntsman.

What is the central idea of the poem Politics?

Why is the poet glad to see the snake at his water trough?

What is the the matic significance of images used in the poem Say This City Has Ten Million Souls?

Do you find any element of humour and satire in the poem The Rebel?
The protagonist in “The Rebel” critiques the monotony of modern life. Discuss.

How does the poet take us into the realm of imagination in the poem Tartary?
The hero’s dreams are pure, innocent, and romantic. Elaborate. (Tartary)

How does Emily Dickinson view death in “Because I Could Not Stop for Death.”

Discuss “Fog” as an imagistic poem.

There is something essentially sad about the portrayal of the Tailor in “My Tailor”.

“Policemen in Chesterton’s essay behave exactly like our own policemen.” Elucidate.

“Lights Out”, dwells upon the power of sleep. Discuss. (Lights Out)

What is the real nature of Keat’s fears in “When I have Fears.”


My Grandfather
The Sea
Walking on the Moon
Nagasaki August 1954
The Beauty Industry
Bachelor’s Dilemma
My Tailor
Host and Guest
Whistling of Birds

Essays Sample Questions

Write down a character sketch of Yeat’s Grandfather. (My Grandfather)
What memories of his grandfather does Yeats gather from his childhood?

Why are bad manners infectious. (On Saying Please) The Old Man And The Sea by Hemingway
Make a comparison between Tartary and Kubla Khan. The Old Man And The Sea by Hemingway

Describe the destruction caused by nuclear bomb in “Nagasaki August 1954.”
Is the essay Nagasaki still relevant to day?

Discuss the central, idea of The Beauty Industry.
What are the reasons for the development of beauty industry?

What did Mr. Liaqat Ali Khan expect of the Americans for the development and stability of Pakistan.
What is Liaquat Ali Khan’s plea in Pakistan and the Modern world?

What kind of a dilemma does a bachelor face in his life? (Bachelor’s Dilemma)

Virginia Woolf has turned the ordinary to extraordinary in Eclipse. Discuss.

Discuss the difference between hosts and guests. (Host and Guest).

Describe Gloria’s feelings after taking the plunge.
“The chief causes of large-scale violence are: love of power, competition, hate and fear.” Do you agree? Explain your answer.

Discuss the significance of the title Whistling of Birds.

What is the importance of saying Please?

What do we expect while living in the world of super things?

Why do people gossip?

Novels and Sample Questions

Marlin is a symbol of hardships in life. Discuss.
Discuss the symbolic significance of Santiago’s struggle to bring Marlin to the shore.

Old man found meaning in existence during his combat with the Marlin. Discuss.
The Old man fights against the Marlin to the very end without being despaired. Discuss.

Why do the fellow fishermen make a fun of the old man.
Why do the boy’s parents consider the old man salao?
What message do you get from the novel The Old Man and the Sea?
Do you think that the sea is also a character in the novel The Old Man and the Sea?
Write a note the old man.
What role do DiMaggio, Perico and Martin play in the novel The Old Man and the Sea?
What is the moral of the novel The Old Man and the Sea?
What does the title of the novel The Old Man and the Sea suggest?
What, according to you is really inspiring in the novel, The Old Man and the Sea.
Discuss the element of hope in the Novel The Old Man and the Sea.
Isolation can be destructive. How does the old man combat it in the Novel?
Narrate the hand game competition between the Old Man and the Negro.
What strategies does the old man adopt to end an overwhelming isolation on the sea.
Discuss the sea as a living entity in the novel.

Write a note on the ending of the novel.
Discuss the ending of the novel.

What were Santiago’s views about his failure?
What lesson do you learn from Santiago’s character?
Elaborate Santiago’s strategies to confront loneliness.
Every day is a new day, says Santiago. Comment.

Write a note on Manolin.

Write a note the importance of dreaming in the text.
Do the dreams have any significance for the characters in the novel?

Who are the Yankees, the great Dimaggio and the Indians of the Cleverland?
Write a note the boy in the novel.

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