Biology Long Questions Guess Paper FSC 12th Class 2017

Biology Long Questions Guess Paper FSC 12th Class 2017

Note: (2nd Year Biology Guess Paper 2017) All published material contains an informatory data which is only gathered for educational purpose. These guesses are prepared after detailed analysis of past five years exams. Our entire team and/or publishers are not responsible in case of variation in assumed results and outcomes. However the purposes of attempted efforts are to provide accurate and effective knowledge to the readers, in any case our entire team and/or publishers will not be responsible for the accuracy or misusage of all published material.

موسٹ امپورٹنٹ سوالات کے لیا سائٹ پیپر سے کچھ دن پھیلے بی چیک کریں: شکریہ

یہ پیپر اولڈ اور نیو کورس کا تجزیہ کر کے تیار کیا گیا ہے (٢٠١٢ سے ٢٠١۶ اولڈ پپیرس ). اپپنے سلیبس کے مطابق تیاری کریں شکریہ.

Frequently Asked Questions 2012 – 2016

Biology Long Questions Variations

Sketch and label the hind-limb of frog.

Write down an experiment to demonstrate geotropism.

Determine water content of soil.

Describe the structure and functions of the urinary system in man with special reference to nephron. How is concentration of excretory product maintained?

Nature of excretory products is related to habitats. Justify the statement. OR Discuss the nature of excretory products in different habitats. OR Discuss the nature of excretory products in animals to, various habitats specifically in association of water availability.

What do you know about the relationship between CA* IONS and Myofilametns (Actins and Myosin)

Define muscles also their types and functions. OR Write a note on cardiac muscles. OR Write down the mechanism of muscle contraction. OR Explain the morphology of skeletal muscle fiber. OR Describe the structure of skeletal muscle. Also explain the process of contraction.

Give uses and misuses of agrochemicals.

Describe the role of auxins. OR Discuss the function and commercial applications of the auxins.

Explain the process of cloning. Give its uses and advantages.

Describe Mendel’s law of segregation with the help of example. OR Describe Mendel’s law of independent assortment.

Describe the roles and commercial application of gibberellins.

Give an account of grassland ecosystem.

Describe the functions of different parts of human forebrain.

Living organisms depend on various Bio-geo-chemical cycles

Describe water and land as renewable resources.

Discuss the role of Rhytochrornes in understanding the mechanism of photoperiodisrn.

Define the types of RNA. OR Discuss the process of initiation of translation along charging or tRNA. OR Describe how RNA polymerase carries out the process of transcription.

Sketch and label the nervous system of cockroach. OR Differentiate between nervous coordination and chemical coordination. OR Write a note on peripheral nervous system. OR How many designs of nervous system are in the animal kingdom? OR Describe some nervous disorders in human.

What is parasitism? Also write its significance.

Discuss kidney problem in humans. OR Explain the internal structure of kidney and how it performs its functions? OR What is an artificial kidney? OR Describe various kidney problems and their cure.

Describe one gene/one polypeptide hypothesis considering the work of beadle and tatum. OR Explain deadle and tatum experiment.

State different factors effecting gene frequency.

Define mutation. Discuses its various types briefly.

What is development? Describe the principles of development in detail? OR What was the contribution of Wallace in the development of theory of natural election?

Define Succession. Differentiate between Primary Succession and Secondary Succession.

What are joints? Describe their types.

Describe hardy-weinberg theorem.

Define abnormal development Explain different factors causing abnormalities.

Explain the adaptations in plants to low and high temperature.

Explain the Chromosomes and its types. OR Describe the chemical composition of chromosome. OR Differentiate between autos some and sex chromosome. OR What are compound sex chromosomes and their example?

Write a note on Erythrocytes.

Describe the respiratory system in man.

Define Glycolysis and explajn it with the help of sketch.

Describe the adaptation of bryophytes to land habitat.

What are details of double fertilization? Discuss-significant.

Describe locomotion in paramecium and the methods of locomotion. OR What are organs of locomotion in Euglena, Paramecium and Amoeba?

What is meiosis? Elaborate the events of prophase-I. OR How meiosis takes place in airmails? OR How meiosis takes place in plants? OR What do you mean by meiosis? Explain various steps of first meiotic division. OR Explain the different stages of prophases-I of meiosis-I

How is nerve impulse passed from one neuron to another neuron? Explain.

Compare chromosomal determination of sex in drosophila and humans. OR Differentiate between chromosomal aberration and point mutation. OR Differentiate between sex limited and sex influenced traits. OR Write a note on sex limited trait. OR Explain different patterns of sex determination in animals.

Describe the human male reproductive system. OR Describe female reproductive system in human.

What is regeneration? Explain the process of regeneration in animals.

Explain osmoregulation in marine animals. OR Describe osmoregulation in animals. OR Describe the osmoregulation in terrestrial environment. OR Describe osmoregulation in plants. OR How plants are distributed on the basis of osmoregulation?

Write a note on wild life. OR Briefly explain wild life and fossil fuels.

Describe the evidences of evolution from comparative anatomy. OR Describe the comparative anatomy as an evidence of evolution.

Give an account of paratonic movements in plants. OR Describe different types of paratonic movements in plants.

Define and explain Nerve Impulse. OR Describe the contraction of sarcomas as initialed by nerve impulse. OR Describe the initiation of nerve impulse.

Write a short note on “Grazing”.

Give an account of sexually transmitted diseases in man. OR Describe sexually transmitted diseases in human beings. OR Write down about any two sexually transmitted diseases. OR Give causes and effects of four sexually transmitted diseases (STD).

Describe the genetics of colour blindness in humans. OR Different types of dichromatic blindness?

Describe the tropic movements in plants.

Elaborate the evolution of eukaryotes from prokaryotes. OR Describe the difference ideas of the evolution of eukaryotes from prokaryotes.

Describe different stages of succession in xerosere.

Explain the role of phytochromes in photoperiodism. OR Types of plants according to photoperiodism. OR Discuss the effect of quality of light on photoperiodism.

Write a note on genetic code. OR Explain genetic engineering of plants

Discuss the genetics of ABO blood group system. OR Explain how type ‘N and ‘AB’ parents can produce a child of blood type Cr. OR Why does the blood group phenotype of a person remain constant throughout life?

Discuss different phases of plants growth. OR Differentiate between xerophytes and mesophytes plants. OR Differentiate between short day plants any long day plants.
Differentiate between primary and secondary growth in plants. OR Write a note on circadian rhythms in plants. OR Explain the life cycle of seed plants. OR Discuss the external factors affecting growth in plants.

Write a note on ozone layer depletion.

Write an essay on the process of mitosis.

Give structural formulae of urea and uric acid.

Define nerosere. Describe its different stages.

Explain the process of inspiration and expiratiorrin man.

What are economic gains due to Fungi?

Define and explain crossing over.

Explain the phenomena of eutrophication. OR Explain sliding filament model of muscle contraction. How are the bridges controlled? OR Explain the role of Ca ions in the process of sliding filament model.

Explain neo-darwinsim. OR Analyze the Darwin’s theory of natural selection as mechanism of evolution.

Define the following terms (i) Habitat. (ii) Niche. (iii) Food web. (iv) Succession.

Explain the Meselson-Stahl experiment.

Describe the process of excretion in animals. OR Describe the process of excretion in plant. OR What is excretion? How do plants excrete their wastes? OR Describe the role of hormones during excretion. OR Discuss the excretion in planaria.

Describe Watson-Crick Model of DNA in detail. OR Write the Watson and Crick model of DNA.

Explain about the exoskeleton in arthropods.

Describe about the interphase of cell cycle. OR How mutation is occurred in eukaryotic cells. OR Role of centriole in animal and plants cells.

Describe role of abscisic acid and ethane in plant growth.

What is Epistasis? Explain it with example of Bombay Phenotype. OR Differentiate between dominance and epistasis.

Write a note on supporting tissues. OR Write a short note on Tissue culturing and cloning.

Differentiate between deforestation and afforestation.

Write a note on AIDS.

Describe the structure of proteins.

What is glycolysis? Give its outline.

What is transcription? flow it occurs?

That is Menders law of Segregation? Illustrate it with anexample.

What is aging? Explain this process. OR What is aging? Describe its causes and symptoms.

Write a note on “Tundra Ecosystem”. OR What is the effect of human impact on Tundra Ecosystem?

Give an account of desert ecosystem. OR Explain the boptic component of an ecosystem. OR Define ecosystem. Describe various components of an ecosystem. OR Discuss Grassland Ecosystem. OR Define hydrospheric ecosystem. Explain some common features of aquatic or hydrospheric ecosystem.

Describe how Hershey and Chase prove that DNA is the heredity material. OR What is the three dimensional shape of DNA? OR What is the method of preparation of recombinant DNA (Chimaeric DNA)? OR Explain DNA replication process. OR Explain how DNA encodes protein structure. OR How did Meselson and Stahl show that DNA replication is semi conservative? OR Explain double helical structure of DNA.

Define and explain briefly the fibrous, cartilaginous and synovial joints.

Define non-disjunction and discuss its effects with one example.

Discuss the nervous system of hydra. OR Describe the comparison of the nervous system of hydra and planaria.

What is incomplete dominance? Explain it with an example. OR Differentiate between incomplete dominance and co-dominance with examples.

Explain the process of birth in human. OR Discuss the process of birth in human female. OR Describe the role of hormones during birth process (in human).

Write a note on green house effect and also explain the causes.

Describe the phenomenon of gene linkage.

Define pollution. Descnbe the causes and affects of water pollution.

Describe the significance of secondary growth.

Describe the inheritance of acquired characteristics. OR Define the second law of inheritance and explain it with the help of a checkerboard.

Write a detailed note on the nitrogen cycle. OR Describe nitrogen cycle. And explain principal stages of nitrogen cycle? OR Describe nitrogen cycle with the help of a figure

Write note on adrenal gland. OR Discuss pituitary as an endocrine gland. OR Write an account of posterior lobe of pituitary gland. OR What are the functions of parathyroid glands? OR Describe the functions of the thyroid gland.

Compare the asexual reproduction with sexual reproduction. OR What are the some common methods of asexual reproduction in animals? OR Explain the human female reproduction cycle with the help of a diagram. OR Discuss male reproduction system in man. OR Describe the steps in menstrual cycle in human female.

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