Biology Subjective Group 1 Inter Part 1 Past Paper 2014 Lahore Board

Biology Subjective Group 1 Inter Part 1 Past Paper 2014 Lahore Board

Inter Part 1 Lahore Board 2014

Biology      Paper I Essay Type

Time: 3.10 Hours        Marks: 83

Group I


Write short answers to any EIGHT (8) questions

  • Differentiate between macromolecules and macromolecules.
  • What is biome?
  • Write the general formula of amino acid.
  • Define active site of enzyme.
  • What do you know about lock and key model?
  • Differentiate between irreversible and reversible inhibitors
  • What are diploblastic animals?
  • Define placenta. Write its functions,
  • What are coral reefs?
  • Define swim bladder and give its function,
  • What are blue babies?
  • Differentiate between active and passive immunity.


Write short answers to any EIGHT (8) questions

  • Differentiate between streptococcus and staphylococcus bacteria.
  • Write down functions of micronuclei and macronuclei found in ciliates.
  • Write down four characters of green algae similar to those of plants
  • Write down two differences between fungi and oomycotes
  • What are choanoflagellates?
  • Define double fertilization.
  • Write down two steps involved in. the evolution of seed,
  • Define photosynthesis.
  • What do you mean by action spectra?
  • What are two functions of secretin?
  • Define fluid feeders.
  • Write down deficiency symptoms of potassium and magnesium in plants.


Write short answers to any SIX (6) questions

  • What is diving reflex? Describe.
  • Discuss emphysema.
  • What is cancer or carcinoma?
  • Why oxygen can be obtained more easily from air than water?
  • What is histoplasmolysis?
  • Why rusts and smuts are called so?
  • What are symptoms of small-pox?
  • What is glycogenosis type II disease?
  • Define differentially permeable membrane.



Note Attempt any THREE questions.



(a) Describe land adaptation of fungi.

(b) Describe the biological organization at organelles and cell level.


(a) Write a note on polysaccharides.

(b) Give economic importance of Family Poaceae.


(a) Describe structure and function of chloroplast.

(b) Sketch metabolic pathway of glycolysis. (Description not required)


(a) Write a detailed note on hepatitis.

(b) Compare parasitic and symbiotic nutrition in plants.


(a) Explain transpiration as a necessary evil.

(b) Classify the bacteria with reference to presence of flagella.

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