Blog is the section that provides you different articles related to educational institutes and their role in Pakistan, importance of education as well as difference between public and private education institutions. You will also get various articles about the legends of Pakistan, how to prepare for your exams to score good, reasons why students get failed in the exams, how you can become a brilliant student and much more.

Why Should I Stay and Work Here in Pakistan

Why Should I Stay and Work Here in Pakistan Pakistan is our homeland, got after a great deal of reparations. Our progenitors contributed with their lives and all that they had. However it is my perception that a large portion of us are not eager to live here, rather we have a tendency to move to another country. In spite …

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Natural Resources of Pakistan

Natural Resources of Pakistan Pakistan is one of asset rich nations on the planet having a lot of coal, gas, gemstones, copper and gold stores. Different assets additionally included oil, iron, titanium and aluminum which are a need for any developing economy. Subtle elements of characteristic resources of Pakistan are given at last. Then again, now inquiry is the manner …

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy Khan Academy is a site that everybody can utilize free and ought to visit in any event once. Regarding its essentialness in the computerized world, it demonstrates potential to match Wikipedia. As a spot where you can learn, or essentially revive your adapting, in many subjects, from polynomial math to financial aspects to workmanship history, its effectively a …

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Important Days of Pakistan

Important Days of Pakistan Every country has a few important and memorable days. Just like that, Islamic Republic of Pakistan also has few important days. In this guide, you will be acknowledged with important days of Pakistan. Keep in your mind that these days have huge importance in the history of Pakistan and also considered significant in 21st century even. …

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Importance of Innovation in Teaching

Importance of Innovation in Teaching A Teacher, who is currently a facilitator in this era, typifies another request of conveyance with augmentation of a learning society and not a substance conveyance or an elucidation of book information all things considered. The advancement is a definitive to create enthusiasm of learning for the children today. It mounts a great deal of …

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Importance of Educational Research

Importance of Educational Research As a student and educator, consider how often you have listened, proof based practice or as per the research. It appears that each new thought in training is examination based, yet what does that truly mean? This diagram is a synopsis of critical ideas and contemplations identified with examination in training. What is Educational Research? A …

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How to get Admission in Top European Universities

How to get Admission in Top European Universities Europe has various world class universities which offer you an extraordinary instruction at a moderate rate. While the best colleges are tricky to get into, you will need to contend with an expansive number of skilled understudies to get confirmation, on the off chance that you put in a ton of exertion …

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Development of Education in Pakistan

Development of Education in Pakistan The way to success for any country lies in their worry and improvement of educational part. As the education is advanced in the country, this lessens the lack of education rate which at last decreases the unemployment which is one the greatest condemnation on any country. The education sector in Pakistan is over looked by …

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Stamps of Pakistan

Stamps of Pakistan   Stamps of Pakistan Includes: 7th World Hockey Cup 1990 Lahore Pakistan Stamp, 15th Anniversary RCD Stamp 40p, 15th Anniversary RCD Stamp 75p, 20th Anniversary of the Establishment of Organization of Islamic Conference Pakistan Stamp, 25 Years of Submarine Operation Pakistan Navy Stamp, 40th Jashn E Azadi Pakistan Stamp, 75 Paisa Pakistan Stamp, 100 Years of Murray …

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TEVTA Registered Institute List

List of Registered Institutes 1. Name: Microsystem Institute of Technology Address: The Mall Wah Cantt. (Near Barrier # 3) Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/11-440/2928 dated 13-5-04 2. Name: Al Karam School of Taxtile and Management Science Address: 571-Gill Road Gujranwala Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-84/ dated 1-06-2004 3. Name: Al-Hira polytechnic Institute Address: Sargodha Jauhrabad Registration No.: TEVTA/REG/1-81/03/5120 dated 21-5-2004 4. Name: Ali Institute …

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