Important Questions for Principle of Economics I.Com Part 1

Important Questions for Principle of Economics I.Com Part 1

Give the critical analysis of the definition of Economics by Prof. Robbins
Explain the law of Equi Marginal Utility with the help of table and diagram
Explain marginal productivity theory of factor pricing
Define inflation. What are its causes?
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of International Trade.
Compare the definitions of Economics given by Alfred Marshall and Robbins
Explain the concepts of point and arc elasticity of demand.
What is meant by capital? Also write down its functions
Differentiate between private and public finance
What do you mean by Utility? Discuss the relationship between total utility and marginal utility.
Explain the extension and contraction, rise and fall of supply with the help of schedule and diagram.
Explain the law of constant returns with the help of schedule and diagram.
What is the difference between National and International Trade?
What is meant by the Elasticity of Supply? Write two method f measurements
Explain Average and Marginal costs with diagram in long run.
Prepare the Revenue curves of a firm under monopoly.
What is meant by inflation? What are the effects of inflation on various groups of a society?
Explain the canons of Taxation.
Discuss the characteristics of “Economic Laws”.
Describe the Law of supply and explain it with the help of schedule and diagram.
Explain Marginal Productivity Theory with the help of schedule and diagram.
Critically analyze the quantity theory of money.
Explain the sources of public revenue
Write the definition of Economics given by Professor Robbins. Also write down its merits and demerits.
Define Elasticity of Demand. Discuss the practical importance of elasticity of demand.
Explain the equilibrium of the Firm under perfect competition in the short run.
Discuss the problems of Barter System.
State importance of International Trade
Define Economics narrated by Marshall. Describe the merits of this definition also.
Explain Law of Equi-Marginal Utility with the help of table and diagram.
What steps are taken to control the Inflation? Explain.
Explain Quantity Theory of Money.
Explain the concepts of Rise and fall in Demand with the help of diagrams.
Explain the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility.
Explain the rise and-fall of supply.
Explain land and labor as a factor of production.
Define money. Explain its functions.
Explain the difference between Zakat and Tax.
Explain Law of Equi-Marginal Utility.
Explain the characteristics of labor.
Define the Trade Cycle. Discuss its characteristics in debt


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