Short Answer Questions for Business Statistics I.Com Part 2

Short Answer Questions for Business Statistics I.Com Part 2

What is Historigram?
Give two disadvantages of A.M
Give two properties of A.M
What is an index number?
What is price index number?
Define link relatives
Define sample space
What is parameter?
Name different averages and define one of them
What is data?
Write any two qualities of a good average
Define a multiple bar diagram
What is meant by class boundaries?
Define frequency polygon
Define conditional probability
What do you understand by Random Experiment?
What is meant by Mutually Exclusive Events?
What is Inferential Statistics?
Define discrete variable and continuous variable
What is constant and variable?
Name the methods used for collection of primary data
What do you understand by the term classification?
Define class interval
Name the types of graphs
Write two merits of median
Define composite index number
Define chain base method
Define weighted index number
Define equally likely events probability
Define population and sample
What is descriptive statistics?
What is secondary data?
Give two sources of secondary data
Name two parts of statistical table
What is a relative frequency distribution?
Define independent event
Give the two characteristics of statistics
Define statistics
What is meant by tabulation?
Write the two demerits of median
Define fixed base method
Define consumer price index or simple index
Define exhaustive events
What are the types of data?
What are advantages of diagrams?
Difference between grouped and ungrouped data?
Describe the most types of index no used
Define price index no
Describe two limitations of statistics
What is quantitative variable?
What is measure of central tendency?
What is modal class?
What is the base period?
What are the limitations of index numbers?
What are the two branches of statistics?
Define price relative
What do you mean by statistical method?
What is pie-chart?
Define bi-modal distribution
What is an empty set?
What is Probability?
Define class mark
What do you understand by change of origin?
Write the formula given by Fisher
Given Ept,q. = 1356, Epoqn = 1600 then find current year weighted index
For a certain frequency distribution, the value of Mean is 15 Median is 20. What will be value of Mode?
Define addition law for not mutually exclusive events
What are the two sources of statistical data?
The mean is affected by change of origin and scale. Explain
A curve whose tail is longer to be right, what you would call it
Find out the missing value; (i) Mode = 3 median – ? mean (ii) Median= ?
What is presentation?
What are different methods of representation of data?


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