Short Answer Questions for Commercial Geography I.Com Part 2

Short Answer Questions for Commercial Geography I.Com Part 2

Define Geography
Define primary human economic activity
Define the deciduous forests
Write the kind of cotton
What are the names of Provinces of Pakistan?
Write the uses of sugar cane
What is the ideal type of soil for sugarcane?
How natural rubber is prepared
Describe importance of edible oil in human diet
Write down on which rivers Mangla and Tarbela Dams have been constructed
What is meant by Spring Wheat?
What is meant by census?
Define commercial geography
How mineral oil was formed
Name mountain ranges of Pakistan
Name eight wool producing countries
Describe advantages of transportation
Write a note on Karakoram Highway
When was the word geography adopted?
How many types of the fertilizers in the world
Explain different types of minerals
Explain the importance of uranium
What are the suitable physical factors for the development of agriculture?
What are basic minerals?
Write three distinct tea producing areas in India
Define thermal electricity
Name two important seaports of Pakistan
What is meant by plankton?
Write four advantages of forests
How natural silk is produced
Name types of chemical fertilizer
Write the physical conditions favorable for the cultivation to tea
Write advantages of sugar cane
Write four characteristics of gold
Name types of coal
Name the neighboring, countries of Pakistan
Name the northern mountain ranges of Pakistan
Name two doabs of Punjab
Name deserts of Pakistan
Name types of forests found in Pakistan
Name eight air ports of Pakistan
Write down two main branches of Geography
What is meant by natural vegetation?
What is meant by cottage industry?
What is International Trade?
Write down the physical factors required for the cultivation of rice
Which country has the world’s largest coal reserves?
Write the name two sea fish
Write suitable climate required for the tea plant
Describe the different types of forests found in Pakistan
When WAPDA was created
At which river Ghazi Barotha hydel power project has been constructed
Which is the largest city of Pakistan in population?
What is length of railway line between Karachi and Peshawar
What is meant by data?
What is meant by soil?
Which is the largest province of Pakistan according to area?
Where is the Khyber Pass Located?
Write down the name of six countries of the world according to population
Which are the top ten cotton producing countries in the world?
Name the four main gold producing countries
Which are the two main kinds of rice in the world?
What are the important exports of Pakistan?
Which city of Pakistan is called as Manchester and why
What are the factors which contribute to the development of iron industry?
How is stainless steel manufactured from raw iron?
Describe physical factors which affect to the iron industry.
What is Chaj Doab.
What is Bari Doab
What do you know about Bella Forests?
What is meant by the transported soils of plain areas?
Describe the four reasons for the shortage of wheat in Pakistan
Which are the important maize producing areas of Punjab province?
Which is the biggest hydel energy producing dam in Pakistan?
To which country the silk highway links Pakistan
Write methods of steel manufacturing
Name four woolen textile Producing countries of the southern Hemisphere
Name two important races of sheep
Name important wheat producing areas of Pakistan
Name major electricity generating institutions of Pakistan
Write down the characteristics of Mangla Dam
Write the percentage of population in the provinces of Pakistan
Name areas included in the Bari Doab
Write down important fishing grounds of the world
What is unorganized rearing/herding?
In the United Kingdom which period is prominent for cotton textile industry?
How many percentage of world labor force is engaged in agriculture sector today?
Write mineral oil exporting countries of Middle East
Write famous passes of North Western Mountains of Pakistan
Describe the maize producing areas of Pakistan
Write down present rate of birth in Pakistan
Write three main points of Indus Water Treaty
What is the basic food of the fish?
What is the status of China in iron manufacturing in the world?
Write names of important countries preparing potash fertilizers in the world
State climate and soil required for cultivation of rice
Write names of palm oil producing countries
Which factors are responsible for uneven distribution of population in the world?
By how many means of electricity is being produced in the world
Write down the names of two hottest areas of Pakistan
Write down the importance of natural gas in Pakistan
Write down a brief note on monsoon
Describe the types of fish
Which are the densely populated areas of the world?
Describe the different types of agriculture
Name the four countries of high national income
What different methods are being used for the production of electricity in Pakistan?
Which is the largest seaport of Pakistan?
Write down main characteristics of Mediterranean agriculture
Write down area of Pakistan in million hectares and percent area under cultivation
Describe briefly about Pakistan’s ranking in world wheat production
Describe briefly about fertilizer industries of Pakistan
According to 1998 census of Pakistan write down province wise percentage of population of Pakistan
What are secondary economic activities?
What are pampas grass lands?
Write down three countries of densely populated area
Name three important centers of iron and steel manufacturing factories in China
How many are kilogram mulberry leaves required for one kg silk
Name tea exporting countries
Mention wool producing countries of the world
Write the types of canals in Pakistan
Write a short note on “The Koh-Safed”
Describe the name of eight districts of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawah
What is meant by Climate?
Write down the major source of wool
Manchester, the city of Britain is famous for which type of industry
Write down the dense populated areas of Punjab
On what factors the economy a Pakistan depends
Name the places of natural gas, reserves in Pakistan
Describe the climatic divisions of Pakistan
What are the two types of natural forests in the world?
First of all, which animal was domesticated?
Name the kind of industries
Write down important gold mining countries of the world


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