Business Communication Report Writing Past Paper 2016 B Com Part 2

Business Communication Report Writing Past Paper 2016 B Com Part 2

Subject: Business Communication Report Writing    Paper: BC-403
Time Allowed: 3 hrs    Marks: 100

Note: Attempt any FIVE questions from the following. All questions carry equals marks.

Question # 1

Give brief answers to the following questions:
i.   Define dunning letter.
ii.  Define solicited job application.
iii. ADCA stands for what.
iv.  Define memorandum.
v.   Define Endorsements.
vi.  What is an invoice.
vii. Define encoding.
viii.Define proxemics.
ix.  Define non-verbal communication.
x.   Define Decoding.

Question # 2

Define communication and explain the barriers in communication suggesting the solution.
Define buffer, and describe the organizational plan of writing bad news messages.

Question # 3

What is adjustment letter. What are the main points one should keep in mind while writing a letter when the customer is right.
Draft a reply from Ferozsons Ltd. Apologizing for loose packing and agreeing to replace the damaged books.

Question # 4

Write short note on any FIVE of the following market terms:
i.  Blue chip
ii. Haggling
iv. Glut
v.  Bull
vi. Speculation
Define Market Report. What are the contents and advantages of a Market Report.

Question # 5

Define listening. What are the barriers to the effective listening. How can listening skill be improved.
Write a comprehensive note on an oral presentation.

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