Business & Labor Law Notes

Business & Labor Law Notes

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Introduction to business and labor laws & legal system of Pakistan

Concepts and definitions of law

Classification & sources of law

Contract act – scope & significance

Contract act – definition & scope

Consideration & essentials of contract

Contracts – essentials and kinds

Kinds & legal capacity of parties to a contract

Legal capacity and free consent

Free consent

Free consent – fraud & misrepresentation

Void agreements

Contingent contracts & performance of contracts

Performance of reciprocal promises

Performance & discharge of contracts

Modes of discharge of contract

Breach of contract

Remedies for breach of contract

Contract of guarantee & indemnity

Contracts of bailment, pledge & agency

Contract of agency

Contract of agency

Law of partnership – kinds & mutual rights & duties

Law of partnership

Companies ordinance, 1984

Law relating to companies

Law relating to companies

Establishment of non-banking finance company & winding up of companies

Winding up & SECP act, 1997

SECP & code of corporate governance

Code of corporate governance

Negotiable instruments

Negotiable instruments

Negotiable instruments—endorsement & negotiation

Transfer of property

Law relating to sale of goods

Law of trust

Law of insurance

Industrial relations ordinance

National industrial relations commission

Labor laws

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