Tips To Grow Strong Healthy Nails

Tips To Grow Strong Healthy Nails   Stop biting and picking your nails. Always wear rubber gloves while cleaning Go easy on the water Weekly nail maintenance ensures long term health. Slip into a pair of warm winter gloves before braving the cold. Stay away from hazardous and harsh chemicals Apply sunscreen before going under a UV or LED light. …

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How to Wash Your Hair

How to Wash Your Hair   Start with a rinse If you have long hair, condition first Lather up but only at the scalp Be gentle Don’t rinse and repeat Add conditioner from the mid lengths to the tips Finish with a cold water rinse

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Top 10 Health Benefits of a Good Night Sleep

Top 10 Health Benefits of a Good Night Sleep Sleep Keeps Your Heart Healthy Sleep May Prevent Cancer Sleep Reduces Stress Sleep Reduces Inflammation Sleep Makes You More Alert Sleep Bolsters Your Memory Sleep May Help You Lose Weight Naps Make You Smarter Sleep May Reduce Your Risk for Depression Sleep Helps the Body Make Repairs

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Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise Improved brainpower (boosts IQ) Lower blood pressure Pain relief Lose weight Lower risk of heart disease and cancer Acquire fewer colds Increased energy levels Slower aging Cure for insomnia Balance mood & fight depression Lower risk of diabetes Build strong bones

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Beauty Tip for Glowing Skin

Home Made Beauty Tip for Glowing Skin Ingredients: A pinch of Turmeric powder Milk cream (thick layer formed on top of milk after cooling) Honey Apply: Take milk cream, a pinch of turmeric powder and add few drops of honey mix it well till it forms a thick paste. Apply the paste as a thin layer on your face and …

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