Chemistry Objective Group 2 Inter Part 1 Past Paper 2014 Lahore Board

Chemistry Objective Group 2 Inter Part 1 Past Paper 2014 Lahore Board

Inter Part 1 Lahore Board 2014

Biology      Paper I Objective Type

Time: 20 Minutes       Marks: 17

Group II

Note: Four possible, answers A, B, C and D to each question are given. The choice which you think is correct, fill that circle in front of that question with Marker or Pen ink. Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that question.

Which one of the following is a pseudo solid

(A) CaF2

(B) NaCɽ

(C) Borax

(D) Glass

  • If the rate equation of a reaction 2A∩B→products is rate –K|A|2 B| and A is present in large excess then order of reaction is

(A) First order

(B) Second order

(C) Third order

(D) Zero order

  • Which of the hydrogen halide has the highest percentage of ionic character

(A) H1

(B) HBr

(C) HBɽ

(D) HF

In combustion analysis H2O vapors are absorbed by

(A) Mg(CɽQ2)2

(B) Mg(CɽQ3)2

(C) Mg(CɽQ4)2

(D) 50% KOH

  • Water may boil at 120°C when external pressure is

(A) 369 torr

(13) 700 torr

(C) 760 torr

(D) 1489 tore

  • The maximum number of electrons in a sub-shell is given by

(A) 2ɽ + I

(13) 2 ɽ – 1

(C) 2(2 ɽ + 1)

(D) 2(2 ɽ – 1)

  • Which one of the following substance is used as dccolourizing agent

(A) Silica Gel

(B) Conc. 1.12SO4

(C) Animal charcoal

(D) Asbestos

  • Cathode in NICAD cell is

(A) AG2O

(B) NiO2

(C) Cd

(D) Zn

  • The solution of glucose is 10% w/v. The volume in which 1g mole of it is dissolved will he

(A) l dm3

(B) 1.5dm3

(C) I .8dm3

(D) 900 cm3

  • Which is not used as drying agent in vacuum desiccator is

(A) P2 O5

(B) CaCɽ2

(C) MgCɽ2

(D) Silica Gel

  • When HCɽ is added to H2S aqueous solution its ionization

(A) Increases

(B) Decreases

(C) Remains constant

(D) First increases then decreases

  • Which gas will diffuse more rapidly?

(A) HC

(B) CO2

(C) NH3

(D) SO2

  • The hybridization of carbon in C2H4 is

(A) SP3

(B) SP2

(C) SP

(D) dSP3

  • The number of moles of CO2 which contains 8.0 g of oxygen

(A) 0.25

(B) 0.50

(C) 0.75

(D) 1.0

  • The nature of positive rays depends upon

(A) Nature of electrode

(D) Nature of residual gas

(C) Nature of discharge tube

(D) Pressure inside the ilischarge tube

  • Which is not a state function

(A) Energy

(B) Heat

(C) Temperature

(D) Volume

  • Pressure remaining constant at which temperature the volume of a gas will become twice of what it is at 0°C

(A) 546 K

(B) 273 K

(C) 546°C

(D) 200 °C


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