Chemistry Subjective Group 2 Inter Part 2 Past Paper 2014 Lahore Board

Chemistry Subjective Group 2 Inter Part 2 Past Paper 2014 Lahore Board

Inter Part 2 Lahore Board 2014

Chemistry           Paper II Essay Type

Time: 3.10 Hours        Marks: 83

Group II


Write short answers to any EIGHT (8) questions   

  • Define modern periodic law.
  • Why do metals conduct electricity?
  • What is the action of litmus with aqueous solution of Na2CO3.
  • What is meant by chemical garden?
  • Give the formulae of four boric acids.
  • What is the action of heat on orthoboric acid H3B03.
  • What happens when NO, is dissolved in water?
  • What is aqua regia?
  • Justify that MO, is a king of chemicals.
  • Why iodine has metallic luster?
  • If is a weak acid. Why?
  • Give the names and formulae of oxyacids of chlorine.


Write short answers to any EIGHT (8) questions

  • What are typical and non-typical transition elements?
  • Give reason for the development of colors in the transition complexes.
  • Define functional group. Give two examples of functional group containing oxygen.
  • What are aromatic hydrocarbons? Give two examples.
  • Give four uses of methane.
  • What is Baeyer’s test? What is its use?
  • What is Cannizzaro’s reaction? Write one example.
  • What is silver mirror test? What is its importance?
  • How formaldehyde and acetaldehyde undergo polymerization?
  • What are thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers?
  • What are lipids? Give two physical properties.
  • What is the difference between glucose and fructose?


Write short answers to any SIX (6) questions

  • What does happen to benzene during Friedel Craft reaction? Give mechanism of one reaction.
  • How is methylated spirit prepared?
  • During SN1 reaction, what is the significance of first step?
  • How does picric acid synthesis take place?
  • Distinguish between fertilizer and non-fertilizer compounds.
  • What is formed when liquid NH3 and CO, react with each other?
  • What is difference between clinker and cement?
  • What are ecosphere and hydrosphere?
  • What is effect of aeration on quality of raw water?



Note Attempt any THREE questions.


(a) Define hydrides. Give their classification.

(b) Explain peculiar nature of beryllium.


(a) What is Sp hybridization? Explain structure of acetylene according to this theory

(b) Discuss SN2 reactions of alkyl halides in detail.


(a) Give comparison of reactivities of alkane, alkene and alkynes.

(b) Write a short note on acidic and basic character of aminoacids.


(a) What happens when toluene is reacted with:

(i) Cℓ2 in the presence of sunlight.

(ii) KMnO4 in the presence of H2SO.

(b) How ethyl alcohol is obtained by the fermentation of molasses and starch?


(a) Describe Bessemer’s process for manufacture of steel.

(b) Write a note on smog.

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