Computer Studies Guess Paper 9th Class 2016

موسٹ امپورٹنٹ سوالات کے لیا سائٹ پیپر سے کچھ دن پھیلے بی چیک کریں: شکریہ

Computer Studies Guess Paper 9th Class 2016

Note: (Computer Studies Guess Paper 9th Class 2016) All published material contains an informatory data which is only gathered for educational purpose. These guesses are prepared after detailed analysis of past five years exams. Our entire team and/or publishers are not responsible in case of variation in assumed results and outcomes. However the purposes of attempted efforts are to provide accurate and effective knowledge to the readers, in any case our entire team and/or publishers will not be responsible for the accuracy or misusage of all published material.

یہ پیپر اولڈ اور نیو کورس کا تجزیہ کر کے تیار کیا گیا ہے (٢٠١٠ سے ٢٠١٥ اولڈ پپیرس ). اپپنے سلیبس کے مطابق تیاری کریں شکریہ.

Guess Paper of Computer Studies 9th Class Important Short Questions

Latest Important Questions for 2017



What is the use of OCR software? What is the use of output unit? What is Video Controller? What is Hybrid Computer? Which is the most powerful computer? Why hardware is useless without software Why RAM is a volatile memory? Write fifth generation shortly Write basic difference between SRAM and DRAM? How integrated circuits are better than transistor? Write the use of USB port Define resolution Write two different uses of CD-ROM Write two advantages of low level languages How does electro thermal printer work? What is meant by computer organization? Define Disk Drive Machine Differentiate between High Level and Low Level Languages Write down two negative impacts of computer and internet on society Write down two advantages of transistor Write down the use of microphone Write down names of any four devices which are used as input and output devices Why Laptop is popular? What is the use of computer simulations is education? What is the role of computer is distance learning? How can we categorize secondary storage devices? What is the difference between Numeric and Alphanumeric Keys? What is system unit? What is meant by expansion method? What is meant by UPC? What is PROM? For what purpose it is used? Define EEPROM? What is the difference between primary and secondary memory? What is the purpose of Caps Lock Key? What is CRT Monitor? What is the use of monitor? What is the importance of computer in the field of banking? What is the function of TREE command? taleem-e-pakistan dot com Give examples of important secondary memory What is number system? Write the names of two number systems What is backing storage device? What is meant by computer storage? Write about Great Gaming Platform in Windows What is function of Alt key? Define folders How does a dot matrix printer work? What is My Computer Icon? How did microprocessor affect computer? How are computers used in retailing applications? For what purpose supercomputer is usually used? Explain the Taleem e Pakistan dot comclassification of computers according to purpose Differentiate between source program and object program? Differentiate between bit and byte Differentiate between Binary and Decimal Number System What is meant by complement of any binary number? What is short cut? Describe fonts option in Control Panel Describe motherboard Describe a programming language Write a note on digital camera Describe a Computer Language Define Unicode Define the computer code Define pocket computer Define Nibble Define mouse event Write names of different mouse events Write the steps to search files Define microcomputer Define Floppy Disk Define electronic data processing Define desktop computer Define computers generation and their major functions Convert 1 MB into GB How does a laser Printer Works? How does the abacus work? How were punched cards used? LCD and CRT stands for what? Major commands name State the purpose of Seek Time Theory of the Von Neumann? Use of computer in different fields What are mnemonics? What are Robots? What are the advantages of using trackball instead of mouse? What do UNIVAC and ENIAC stand for? What do you know about cache memory? What do you know about Joystick? Define Hardware Write names of three different hardware units What is EBCDIC Codes? What do you mean by Logic Unit? What is an interpreter? What is assembly language? What is basic difference between keyboard and type writer? What is difference Engine? What is meant by EDP? What is meant by coding? What is Main memory? What is impact printer? What is Graphical user Interface (GUI) What is Computer memory? What is Boolean algebra? What is bar code reader? What is a literal? What is AND Gate? Make truth table for OR operator What are batch files? Define wild cards Define VGA? Define the Data Rate Define the byte and byte address Define shortcut Define scanner Define Recycle Bin Define plug and play Define CD Command with an example Define Number systems? Define Not Gate Define Copy Command with an example Define Machine Language Define LISP Define is minterms? Define Icon Define hexadecimal number system? Define file extension taleem e pakistan dor com Define address bus ASCII stands for? What are anti-virus programs? Explain Random Access memory Describe advancements during 1950 to 1960 What is meant by voice recognition? What is meant by identity element? What do you known about Boolean expressions? What are Magnetic Stripe Cards? How does Dos organize data? What are types of DOS files? Name the different computer languages Name different types of keyboards How would you rename a file or folder? How would you open and make selections from a menu? How would you create a folder? How would you copy a file/folder from a Floppy disk to other drive?

Important Long Questions of 9th Class for Computer Studies 2016

What is antivirus? Write two examples of antivirus program What is difference between track ball and mouse? Explain the types of computer languages Differentiate between system software and application software? Explain briefly the Service software and its types What is software? What are the types of software? What is ROM? Discuss its different types What is meant by Language Translator? Write a note on different types of Language Translators Explain the history and development of taleem e pakistan dot com computer List out some differences between PROM and EPROM Explain the Real-time operating system (RTOS) Explain three main data types used in different computer applications What is Number System, write note on Decimal Number System and Hexadecimal Number System? Explain the classification of computers according to type of data handled Write a note on computer virus and also explain how we can prevent our computers from it? Write a note on first and second generation of computer Define Operating System, What are different types of Operating System based upon user interface? Write a note on Functions and jobs of an Operating System Define Bus, Write note on different types of Buses What is Distribution Law and Associative Law? Write down the steps to open a recently used document Write a note on System software What is the difference between a digital and analog computer? What is difference between data and information? Explain the types of data Difference between softcopy output and hardcopy output? Describe in detail the purpose and working of the main memory Describe in detail the purpose and working of hard disk Describe briefly the conversion of different number systems Define Computer Write note on Mainframe and minicomputer Define computer Give some examples of computer applications Describe the Data organization within a byte or in a word Describe various steps involved in speech recognition? Difference between Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer What is a Windows? Describe different Windows Controls State the purpose of Internet Explorer What are the disadvantages of using Boolean algebraic laws? Define Boolean algebra and explain various logical operators used in it Modern computer are based on stored program concept? Who introduces the concept? Name different areas of a keyboard and some key functions What are advantages and disadvantages of K-map method? What are command line operating systems? Further explain different DOS Commands How data is organized on magnetic disks? Explain using a labeled diagram the concept of track and sector when describing magnetic disk storage What are output devices? Explain any two types of output devices What are ports? Write a note on different types of ports Describe the advancements in the computer during the 1950’s and 2015s What is a CPU? Describe briefly its main functions What is a plotter? Explain different types of plotters What are Compilers and Interpreters?

Computer Studies Guess Paper 9th Class 2016


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