Difference between O Level and Matric in Pakistan

Difference between O Level and Matric in Pakistan

The discussion or we can say debate over the O/A level framework and local education system appears to be endless. Well, Pakistan is the nation in which distinctive sorts of educational framework are generally masterminded and emulated. This is thought to be the major and paramount purpose behind the disappointment and discouraging educational framework in Pakistan. The two most common and prominent instructive frameworks in Pakistan are O-Levels and Matirc. Nowadays, numerous students confront the issue that which kind of education system he/she needs to pick. In this guide, we will discuss the instructive criteria of O-Levels and Matric and what are the real differences.

Difference between O-Level and Matric

  • The most essential and major difference between Matirc and O-Level is that Matirc is thought to be a national instructive framework in Pakistan. Alternatively, O-Level is the educational framework which is totally based on the British education framework.
  • The second real distinction is that Matric education is thought to be less expensive and simpler as contrasted with O-Level training. O-Level education is more costly and troublesome for the students. Due to this reason, numerous Pakistani students with middle class background families would not have the capacity to manage the cost of O-Level education framework costs. Thusly, they like to prefer to go for the Matric education framework.
  • The third distinction between the Matric and O-Level education framework is that the quality of O-Level instruction is much better and superior than Matric instruction framework. The reason is that O-level instruction is embraced from styles of British training.
  • Matric training framework is the main framework is perceived in the entire Pakistan. Then again, O-Levels training framework is perceived or we can say recognized in the entire world.

Another distinction between O-Level and Matric training framework is that in the Matric educational framework, Urdu dialect is utilized regularly. Then again, O-Level instruction is focused around English dialect. In O-Levels, English has the first dialect status that promoted English language everywhere all around the globe. In short, the communication and teaching styles in both educational systems are entirely different. Urdu is normally used in a Matric education system.

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  1. i want to ask i have not given o levels maths and pak studies paper but other 6 papers are complete so can i give matric subjects of maths and pak studies instead of o levels? i want to make equivalence from HEC?

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