English Objective and Subjective Guess Papers 12 Class 2016

English Objective and Subjective Guess Papers 12 Class 2016

Note: (English Objective and Subjective Guess Papers 12 Class 2016) All published material contains an informatory data which is only gathered for educational purpose. These guesses are prepared after detailed analysis of past five years exams. Our entire team and/or publishers are not responsible in case of variation in assumed results and outcomes. However the purposes of attempted efforts are to provide accurate and effective knowledge to the readers, in any case our entire team and/or publishers will not be responsible for the accuracy or misusage of all published material.

یہ پیپر اولڈ اور نیو کورس کا تجزیہ کر کے تیار کیا گیا ہے (٢٠١٠ سے ٢٠١٥ اولڈ پپیرس ). اپپنے سلیبس کے مطابق تیاری کریں شکریہ.

Guess Paper of English 12th Class Important Essay

Latest Important Questions for 2017



An Ideal Teacher / An Ideal Student
A Picnic Party
The Importance of English / Importance of Computer
A Visit to a Big City / A Visit to Hill Station / A Visit to Historical Place / A Visit to a Zoo / A Village Fair / A Visit to Fair
Use and Abuse of Mobile Phones / Evils of Mobile Phone / Advantages and Disadvantages of Cell Phones / Cellular Phones
Atomic Energy
College/Hostel Life / My First/Last Day at College / Pleasures of College Life
Corruption / Democracy / Election in Pakistan
Examinations / Technical Education
Dignity of Work
Justice Delay is Justice Denied / Smuggling
Life in a Big City / Village Life
My Aim in Life / Life Today is Better than the Past
My Dreams / My Future Dream
My Favourite Book / Game / Personality
My Hero in History
My Hobby / Sports and Games / A Cricket Match
Our Festivals
Over Population / Population Explosion
Science and its Uses / Blessing of Science
Student and Politics
A Road Accident / Terrorism / A House on Fire / Horrors of War
The Happiest Day of my Life
The Journey of Train
Rising Prices
A Rainy Day
Child Labour
A Birthday Ceremony
Destruction of a Flood
Women’s place in Pakistan

Guess Paper of English 12th Class Important Idioms-Phrasal Verbs

A bad debt
A blessing in disguise
A blind alley
A bone of contention
A cat’s paw
A close fisted man
A dark horse
A jail bird
A maiden speech
A man of straw
A narrow escape
A near miss
A royal road
A sugar daddy
A white elephant
Above board
Add fuel to the fire
All and sundry
Alpha and omega
An axe to grind
Apple-pie order
At a stone’s throw
At arm’s length
At eleventh hour
At length
At sixes and sevens
At the daggers drawn
Bad blood
Bag and baggage
Be up in arms
Beat about the bush
Beat the air
Bed of roses
Better half
Between two fires
Bird’s eye view
Blow hot and cold
Bread and butter
Break down
Break into
Break off
Break out
Break the ice
Break the news
Break with
Bring in
Bring to book
Bring up
Broken reed
Bung to light
Bury the hatchet
By hook or by crook
Call in
Call in question
Call into question
Carry off
Carry on
carry out
Carry the day
Castles in the air
Catch at a straw
close shane
Come about
Come by
Come off
Come up with
Cut a sorry figure
Cut down
Cut off
Deal in
Drawn game
End in smoke
Every inch
Face the music
Fair sex
Fall in
Fall in with
Fall off
Fall out
File the music
First and foremost
Flesh and blood
Fly in the ointment
French leave
From hand to mouth
Get into
Get rid of
Get through
Give away
Give in
Give the devil his due
Give up
Go back on
Go by
Go off
Go off Play truant
Go to the dogs
Go to the wall
Hair breadth’s escape
Hand in glove
Heart and soul
Hold back
Hold water
Hope against hope
Hue and cry
In a fix
In black and white
In full swing
In the air
In the long run
Keep an eye on
Keep back
kith and kin
Lay by
Lead by nose
Look after
Look back
Look down upon
Make both ends meet
Make up one’s mind
Man of letters
Nip in the bud
Once in the blue moon
Part and parcel
Pass away
pay lip-service
Play the game
Play truant
Pocket an insult
Put by
Put off
Put on
Put out
put up with
Rainy day
Rank and file
Rolling stone
Run down
Send for
set aside
Set in
Set off
Set up
Smell a rat
Spick and span
Storm in a tea cup
Take after
Take down
Take in
Take off
Taken aback
The lion’s share
To abide by
To come to light
To cry over split milk
To eat ones words
To fall in with
To get into hot water
To lick the dust
To make fun of
To pass on
To take after
Turn over
Turn turtle
Turn up
Up to the mark
Work wonders

Guess Paper of English 12th Class Important Questions & Answers Good Bye Mr. Chips

Describe briefly Mr. Chips as a teacher. OR What was the reaction of the teachers to the row between Ralston and Chips?

Describe Chips marriage? OR Was Chips marriage successful or not. OR Why did the boys at school begin to love Chips after marriage? OR What kind of fellow was Mr. Chips before marriage? OR What changes did marriage bring in Chips?

Describe Katherine Bridges ideas. OR How did Chips look, after the death of Katherine Bridges? OR How did Mr. Chips come across Katherine Bridges? OR What was the result of the meeting between Mr. Chips and Katherine Bridges? OR How did Katherine influence Chips? OR Why did Katherine want to invite popular boys to play a football match against Brookfield eleven? OR When and how did Katherine die? OR What were the political views of Katherine? OR What were the feelings of Mr. Chips towards Katherine? OR What was the effect of Katherine’s death on Mr. Chips? OR What was Katherine’s advice to Chips with regard to discipline? OR What happened to Chips when, after Katherine had died, he wanted to punish a boy? OR What did Katherine say to Chips on the night before wedding? OR How was Katherine received at Brookfield? OR How much popular Katherine was at Brookfield? OR How did Katherine urge Chips to forgive the students for their mistakes? OR How did Katherine change Mr. Chips? OR Did Katherine always plead for mercy? OR Describe the physical grace of Katherine.

What type of farewell party was given to Chips? OR What kind of speech did Chips deliver at the farewell party?

Describe the events of the last day of the life of Mr. Chips. OR Write a few lines about Mr. Chips married life. OR Write a brief note on the retired life of Mr. Chips.

Describe the horrors of the air raid at Brookfield? OR Write a short note on Brookfield. OR Write a brief note on the attitude of the students on the first day of Mr. Chips at Brookfield. OR Why was Ralston not popular in Brookfield? OR Why did Mr. Chips join Brookfield school again? OR Why did Chips not want to be the official Head of Brookfield? OR Why could Ralston not become popular at Brookfield school? OR Where was Brookfiled town situated? OR When did Mr. Chips join Brookfield, and how did he remember it? OR When did Chips join Brookfield school? OR What were Mr. Wetherby’s remarks about Brookfield and Mr. Chips? OR What were Chips thoughts when he joined Brookfield? OR What was the contribution of Brookfield during war? OR What was hg outer view of Brookfield school? OR What kinds of professions were generally adopted by the students of Brookfield? OR What kind of people did Brookfield supply? OR What job did Mrs. Wickett do at Brookfield? OR How was the day when Chips came to Brookfield for interview? OR How much was Ralston popular and respected hi Brookfield? OR How did Mr. Wetherby advise Chips on the day of Ills interview at Brookfield? OR How did Chips gather honor at Brookfield with the passage of time? OR How did Brookfield celebrate the end of war?

Describe the most interesting incident in the novel. OR What kind of novel is “Goodbye Mr. Chips”? OR Point out the most thrilling incident of the novel.

How did Ralston look? OR How did Chips serve Ralston? OR Describe the personality of Mr. Ralston. OR Was Ralston a popular personality? OR Describe the row between Ralston and Chips. OR Give an account of the dispute between Chips and Ralston. OR Write doer four qualities of Ralston. OR Why did Mr. Ralston want to get rid of Mr. Chips? OR What were the charges that Ralston levied against Chips? OR What were Mr. Ralston’s shortcomings? OR What was the result of quarrel between Mr. Chips and Ralston? OR What was the reason that led to the quarrel between Chips and Ralston? OR What led Ralston and Chips into a row?

Give two examples of Chips humour. OR What was Chips will? OR What happened to Chips in 1913?

Who was Chatteris? OR How and when did Chatteris die? OR Why did Chatteris request Chips to rejoin school? OR What was the request of Chatteris to Mr. Chips? OR What request did Chatteris make to Chips about helping him? OR What did Chatteris read out on every Sunday night during the war? OR How did Chatters behave with Chips?

How did Chips criticize the captain of the school?

How did Chips entertain Langford?

How did Chips keep the boys normal during the air-raid?

Who was Cartwright? OR How did Chips respond to Cartwright’s words? OR What did Cartwright say about Chips children?

How did Chips take his class during the shelling? OR How did Mr. Chips behave during shelling?

How did Mr. Chips entertain his guests at Mrs. Wickett’s? OR How did Mr. Chips entertain his students at Mrs. Wickett’s house? OR Why did Chips choose Mrs. Wickett’s house after retirement? OR Where was Mrs. Wickett on the day of Chips death? OR How would Chips treat his visitors at Mrs. Wickett’s?

How did Mr. Chips recall the memory of his interview with Mr. Wetherby? OR What type of Head was Mr. Wetherby? OR What kind of fellow was Mr. Wetherby? OR How did Mr. Wetherby advise Mr. Chips?

How did Mr. Chips spend his money after retirement? OR When did Mr. Chips think of getting retirement? OR When did Mr. Chips retire and how was he honored at the time of retirement? OR What were Chips activities after retirement? OR What was presented to Chips at his retirement. OR What did the Chairman of the Governors tell Chips about his retirement?

How did Mr. Chips treat his old pupils?

Would Chips not write a book? OR What actually did Chips face while writing his book? OR What kinds of books were read by Chips? OR What kind of books did Mr. Chips have in his room?

What change did the death of his wife bring in Chips? OR Who was Faulkner and what did he ask Chips when his wife and child died?

What changes did Katharine bring in Chips?

What did Chips say to Lloyd George?

What did Chips see while climbing on Great Gable?

What did Chips think about Boers?

Who was Linford? OR Who sent Linford to Mr. Chips? OR What were Chips feelings after Linford’s departure? OR What did Chips understand when Linford asked him if he wanted to see him? OR Write the meeting between Chips and Linford.

What did Dr. Marivale say about Chips enviable health? OR What did Merivale say to Chips on the foggy morning?

What did Mr. Chips do when the bell rang for call over?

What do you know about Grayson? OR What news about Grayson’s father came finally?

What is rissole?

What kind of thought came into Mr. Chips mind?

What notion did chips have about women?

What sort of gown did Chips wear?

What was Chips famous joke about the third Colley? OR Who was Colley? What mischief did he make?

What was Chips reaction to the First World War? OR Why was Chips called a pre-warman? OR What was the condition of young students while taking their classes during the World War?

What was meant by Chips latest?

What was social and academic status of Chip’s?

What was the April foolery Chips faced?

What was the condition of Chips fifteen years after his resignation?

What was the joke related to Lex Canulia?

What was the name of Chips doctor and how often did he visit Chips?

What were Chips views about the women of the nineties?

What were Chips’ views about modern women?

When and why did Chips detide to resign?

When did Chips make his will?

When did Mr. Chips fell ill?

When did Mr. Chips recall his memories? OR Why should Chips not write down his memories?

Which reason did Chips like and why?

Who was appointed the new headmaster after Mr. Meldrum? OR Who was Meldrum and how did he die?

Who was Man Staefel? OR Why did Chips read out the name of Max Staefel, a German, with the names of his countrymen?

Who was Faulkher?

Who was Major Colling wood?

Who was Mrs Wicket?

Who was Mrs. Brool?

Whom did Chips call stink merchants?

Why did Chips like summer?

Why did Chips not attend the old boy’s dinner in London in 1929?

Why did Chips not marry till the age of 48?

Why did Chips resign again?

Why did John Rivers favour Chips?

Why did people ask Mr. Chips different questions?

Why doesn’t Chips consider examinations and certificates so important?

Why was Chips called a great jester?

Why was spring 1896 important for Chips? OR Why was spring 1896 very dear to Mr. Chips?

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