Founders of Pakistan

Founders of Pakistan

Founders of Pakistan

National heroes are like colored diamonds. Rare and worthy. Likewise Pakistan has been blessed with great men like the Founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam and the true visionary Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Both have contributed whole heartedly to the creation of Pakistan. But the question is do the people of Pakistan today realize their efforts?

Iqbal’s poetry is an institution in itself. He has conceptualized his abstract ideology to reality by the use of mere words. He was an influential leader who had the foremost constituting hand in spreading the spiritual thought of Islam. But what’s troublesome is that students do not learn about the essence of Iqbal’s poetry. The syllabi stress the importance of memorizing verses that one can quote to get better grades, or worse of all, learn all the dates by heart. What good does that do when one cannot fully understand the whole purpose behind the great works of Iqbal? His poetry did not only inspire the youth of that time but it revolutionized to an extent that his words helped in the creation of a country we call Pakistan.

Every November 9th, seminars and forums are arranged every year to discuss the works of Iqbal. The problem with that is they are so complex and the academicians explain his works in such obscure language that one fails to relate to Iqbal as a normal human being. Due to this, people are unable to connect themselves with his greatness and are unable to understand Iqbal’s works which are so profound and inspiring.

Like Iqbal, Quaid-e-Azam is also a victim of such a system. He has been talked about over and over again in seminars, conferences, papers and what not. Sadly when asked of the youth, he is not as inspiring either. This is not his fault, certainly not. He made Pakistan. He did his job. It’s not as important to learn his Fourteen Points by heart as it is to ‘realize’ the hardships he went through. The problems he tackled in the process of the Freedom Movement. What was his thinking and needs that made him push so much in creation of Pakistan? The long articles that run down the pages every year to mark Jinnah’s birthday are written in such complex English and Urdu both. The writers should write comprehensive articles not about what he did but why he did. They should stress on Jinnah’s ability and capacities to learn more about the man who is printed on every currency note of Pakistan. There is a reason he is there.

Students take Jinnah and Iqbal as two great people who are restricted to mostly Urdu books. They should be rather encouraged to think critically and analyze the two most personalities in Pakistan’s history. Inspiration is the feeling that leads to a change. The reason people of Pakistan are in a state of melancholy is because none of them understand who Jinnah and Iqbal really were. They made a country. They made a country without burning tyres and going on strikes. They didn’t break laws but fought to change them. The spirit of that time needs to be revived the spirit that leads to making a change lawfully and of not blowing people up to prove a point.

Quaid i Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Muhammad Iqbal (Allama Iqbal)

Mader e Millat Fatima Jinnah

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