Functional English Past Papers 2009 B.Com 1

Functional English Past Papers 2009 B.Com 1

Functional English 2009

Time Allowed: 3 Hours     New Course Marks: 100

Note: Attempt any five questions in all, selecting. Three questions form section A and Two questions form section B. All questions carry equal marks. Over Attempt will be ignored altogether.



Question # 1

Do as directed:

(i) From abstract nouns from young, go.

(ii) Give singular number of Volcano, Scarf.

(iii) Give similar number of Media, Criteria

(iv) Write collective nouns used to describe. Judes, bees

(v) Form compound nouns of express:

(a) A paper that gives news.

(b) A man who gets coal out the ground.

(vi) Write two nouns which are uncountable.

(vii) Form sentences to show the difference in meaning of    (wood, woods)

(viii) Complete the following sentences using appropriate for of the personal pronoun.

He is as strong as………. (I, me)

(ix) Name the kind to the underlined adjective His a cowardly person.

(x) Give the past and past participle form of (cast, lend)

Question # 2

(a) Change the voice of the following.

(i) Who broke this news to you?

(ii) Let this matter be resolved amicably.

(iii) We must help the needy.

(iv) I have borne many hardships in life.

(v) Why was the innocent girl flogged by unknown men?

(b) Re-write the following using the correct forth of verbs given in bracket.

(i) The earth _______ round the sun (move, moves. moved)

(ii) He _______ back from England yesterday. (Come, has come, came)

(iii) It _______ since morning (is raining, has been raining)

(iv) It started raining while we _______ (he played, were playing)

(v) I _______ him for a long time ( know, knew. have known)

Question # 3

(a) Convert the following into Negative and Interrogative.

(i) He missed the bus.

(ii) Actions speak louder than words.

(iii) The company runs its affairs efficiently.

(iv) You have misunderstood me.

(v) Wood floats on water.

(b) Fill in the blanks choosing the correct word from the pair given in bracket:

(i) Why don’t you ______ your horse? (rain, reign)

(ii) He is a ______ by profession (lair. lawyer)

(iii) There is historical ______ outside the Lahore museum (Canon, canon)

(iv) Your answer is not ______  (write, right, rite)

(v) I treat my elders with ______ (difference, deference)

Question # 4

(a) Change the narration of the following:

(i) Salman said to me, “why have you come late today?

(ii) Newton said, “Action and reaction are equal.

(iii) My grandmother said, Good bless you

(iv) The lady exclaimed sorrowfully what had happened to her son.

(v) My mother advised me to take care of health.

(b) Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions.

(i) You should avail yourself ______ this golden chance.

(ii) Men differ ______ brutes in many respects.

(iii) He is conversant ______ the rules of the game.

(iv) This work has been entrusted ______ me.

(v) He always boats ______ his good connections.

Question # 5

(a) Give one word for each of the following:

(i) Domination, of a single business party in the market.

(ii) One who has knowledge of everything?

(iii) The office held by a minister.

(iv) One who travels on foot?

(v) Communication from one mind to another.

(b) Correct the following:

(i) We sat under the shade of a tree.

(ii) The summer vacations WM commence on 7th June.

(iii) He is ill since three weeks.

(iv) Neither she comes nor she writes.

(v) Send this letter on my address.


Question # 6

(a) Give synonym of each of the following and make on sentence each with the new word: More, Suggest High, Eager, Acquire.

(b) Give Antonym of each of the following and make one sentence with the new word:

Choose Accept, Simple, and Meager, initial.

Question # 7

Read the following passage and answer the questions given at the end: Some ants are social insects. It means that they live in societies, co-operate with, one another .and do only’ the work assigned to them. They go out in search of food in an orderly fashion, marching in lines and columns like soldiers. Different groups of social ants have different jobs to do. They manage their insects that attack them or said their colony. `They are called soldier ants. Another group gathers food for the whole community. The social ants have not learnt this division of labor. They have inherited it.


(i) What do we, mean by social ants.

(ii) How do ants co- operate with one another?

(iii) Why are the members of a certain group called soldier ants?

(iv) Make a precis and give it a suitable title.

Question # 8

Write essay, (250) words on one of the following topics:

(i) Accountancy as a Career.

(ii) The importance of Commerce Education.

(iii) The Cash crops of Pakistan.

(iv) How to make Pakistan strong?

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