Functional English Past Papers 2013 B.Com 1

Functional English Past Papers 2013 B.Com 1

Functional English 2013

Time Allowed: 3 Hours     New Course Marks: 100

Note: Attempts any five questions in all, section three questions form section A and two questions from section B. All questions carry equal marks. Over attempt will be ignored altogether.


 Question # 1

(a) Give short answers to the following questions:

(i) Define INTERJECTION. Give examples.

(ii) What are COLLECTIVE nouns. Give examples.

(iii) Define NOMINATIVE case with an example.

(iv) Define CLAUSE with an example.

(v) Define CONJUNCTIONS with examples.

(b) Do as directed:

(i) Thief, poor            (Make abstract nouns)

(ii) The news are untrue     (Correct the sentence)

(iii) Any, each and either are which pronoun (Distributive or reflective)

(iv) Begin       (Give past .Participle)

(v) They worked very hard. (Pick out adverb)

Question # 2

(a) Give antonyms:

(i) Human

(ii) Bloom

(iii) Truth

(iv) Give

(v) Optimism

(b) Change the numbers:

(i) Live

(ii) Foot

(iii) Data

(iv) Child

(v) Knife

(c) Give abstract nouns of the following.

(i) Good

(ii) Ignore

(iii) Child

(iv) Know

(v) Slave

(d) Change the Genders:

(i) Ox

(ii) Duke

(iii) Tiger

(iv) Emperors

(v) Lion

Question # 3

(a) Fill in the blanks with correct Prepositions:

(i) I am fond _______ music.

(ii) I am blind _______ my future.

(iii) Do not laugh _______ me.

(v) He agreed _______ my proposal.

(b) Change the voice of the following:

(i) Did she sing a song?

(ii) Do not insult the weak.

(iii) I can beat in the race.

(iv) How can I help you?

(v) I hey say that honesty in the best policy.

(c) Use a pronoun instead of the words in brackets.

(i) I lost my watch, but (watch) was very cheap.

(ii) I have to make tea for (all the people).

(iii) Tessa took a photo of (Tessa).

(iv) Here is you book, take (your book) away.

(v) One of the policeman has injured (policemen) arm.

Question # 4

(a) Give one word for each of the following statements

(i) A place where clothes are kept.

(ii) A fictitious name adopted by a poet.

(iii) Study of plants.

(iv) Fit for eating

(v) A cluster of stars:

(b) Write synonyms:

(i) Tough

(ii) Recollect

(iii) Expensive

(iv) Allow

(v) Tidy

(c) Change the voice:

(i) Give me a cup of tea.

(ii) She is writing a letter.

(iii) How can I help you?

(iv) We took a decision.

(v) Who told the story to you?

Question # 5

(a) Give one word substitution for the following:

(i) Government of elected people

(ii) A match in which neither party wins.

(iii) A work for which no salary is paid.

(iv) Science of animals.

(b) Pick out the correct words from the homonyms given against each sentence:

(i) The author has made some _______ to the new _______ of book. (edition. Addition)

(ii) She is a _______ lady. (Social, sociable)

(iii) Meet my elders with _______  (difference, deference)

(iv) Very few women put on _______ these days. (vale, veil)

(v) The _______ has truck one (lock, cloak)

(c) Decide which word is correct.

(i) I can’t go to a party. I haven’t got _______ to wear.

(anything, everything, something, nothing)

(ii) Take care, won’t you, Anna? Look after _______

(you, your, yours, yourself)

(iii) Yes, _______ would be lovely to see you again.

(it, that, there, you)

(iv) We’ve brought some food with

(me, ourselves, us, we)

(v) If you want some apples, I’ll get you _______ at the shop.

(any, it, one, some)


Question # 6

Define precis writing. What are the rules for precis writing?

Question # 7

Read the following passage and answer the questions at the end.

With the spread of literacy and universal education libraries have become as necessary as food supply or transport. Public instruction is making rapid progress everywhere in Pakistan. It is no more the privilege of the will-to-do only to acquire knowledge as it was in the past. Now there are schools, colleges and universities in every nook and corner of the county. Naturally, when there is thirst of knowledge there is also an ever increasing demand for books and magazines: Everybody does not have the means to buy all sorts of books. Mass education programme is bound to suffer adversely if there is no free library for students. Libraries obviously play an important in creating a general love of books and interest in current affairs. (Their reading rooms promote a spirit of discipline, research and fellowship. Libraries with a variety of attractive titles have a healthy and beneficial effect on the eager, minds of students.


(i) What was the privilege of rich in the past?

(ii) What effect libraries can have on the student?

(iii) Give this paragraph a suitable title.

(iv) Make a precis of the above passage.

Question # 8

Write an essay (250-300 words) on any of the following topics:

(i) Inflation and economy of Pakistan

(ii) Importance of commerce education in 21st century

(iii) My favorite personality

(iv) The agriculture of Pakistan

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