Guess Paper Computer Science 10th Class 2017

Guess Paper Computer Science 10th Class 2017

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موسٹ امپورٹنٹ سوالات کے لیا سائٹ پیپر سے کچھ دن پھیلے بی چیک کریں: شکریہ

یہ پیپر اولڈ اور نیو کورس کا تجزیہ کر کے تیار کیا گیا ہے (٢٠١٠ سے ٢٠١۶ اولڈ پپیرس ). اپپنے سلیبس کے مطابق تیاری کریں شکریہ.

Computer Science Guess Paper 2017 10th Class Important Short Questions

How can find a word in MS-Word?
How can justify text in MS-Word?
How can print a document of word?
Define the IF–THEN–ELSE statement with syntax.
Why are remarks used in program?
What are type declaration characters work?
State the purpose of testing program.
Define direct mode in BASIC.
Describe the use of “IF” statement in BASIC.
What is the use of bullet and numbering?
Write the purpose of Undo and Redo command.
What is menu bar in MS-Word
Write the use of scroll bar in Word.
Define the word processing.
Write down the method of inserting page number in MS-Word.
How can apply bullets in MS-Word?
Write about the use of LINE statement in Basic.
Write the types of control structure.
What is hanging indents?
What is the purpose of Date $?
Write two limitations of flow chart.
Write the purpose and syntax of SAVE command.
Write the purpose and syntax of RUN command.
Write the purpose and syntax of ABS function.
Write down the purpose and syntax of CIRCLE statement.
Write syntax of For–NEXT Loop.
Give the purpose and syntax of LOAD command.
Give the purpose and syntax of LIE command.
Give the purpose and syntax of DELETE command.
What is mean by syntax of a programming language?
Give the purpose and format of SQR function.
Give the purpose and format of INT function.
For what purpose RUN Command is use in BASIC?
What do you mean by control transfer? In BASIC, how many ways you can transfer control.
What is meant by un-conditional transfer of control and which statement is used for it?
How can add Remarks in G.W. Basic program? OR Briefly describe the structure of BASIC program.
How modulus and integral division is use in BASIC?
State the purpose of SAVE command in BASIC language.
How to Load a saved programme in BASIC?
What is a use of F2 key in Basic?
Write the purpose and format of sin function.
Write down the steps for closing the document.
How line statement is differnent from CIRCLE statement.
Write down the function of KILL command.
What is an algorithm? OR Write an algorithm to find the factorial of a given number.
Why is DIM Statement used to declare array?
Why array is calls subscripted variable? OR Describe the use of subscripted variable in array.
What is the purposes of ERR and PERL variables?
What is the purpose of TAB Function?
What is the purpose of DRAW statement?
What is string variable?
What is Row?
What is pixel?
What is meant by subprograms?
What is meant by manipulation of array?
What is meant by implement the program?
What is meant by filling of an array?
What is meant by document the programme?
What is meant by coding?
What is IDE?
What is user?
Define Random files.
Write a program that print ASCII characters from 1-255.
What is meant by drop cap?
What is INPUT distance?
What is Indirect Mode?
What is flow chart? OR Write down three advantages of using flow chart.
What is direct mode?
What is desk checking?
What is Analysis? Describe its importance in solving problem.
What is a LET statement?
What do you mean by built in functions?
Define array and What are two dimensional arrays?
What are runtime errors?
What do you know about FIX () function?
Describe the method of declare an array of big size in BASIC.
What are reserved words or keywords?
What are parameters?
State the use of random access method.
Purpose of PSET statement.
Write the use of word processor.
What is meant by Auto Correct?
Purpose of MKDIR command.
Make a table of Logical AND Operator.
Explain the use of text mode in BASIC?
Write names of different types of errors in a program.
How to fill the Data in one dimensions array?
Describe the SCREEN statement.
Define the Palette.
Define Loop.
Define loop control variable.
Define graphics. OR Give name of graphic modes.
Define constant.
Define a nested loop.

Computer Science Guess Paper 2017 10th Class Important Long Questions

What is meant by computer programming?
What method should be adopted to solve complex problems?
Why documentation is considered vital in problem solving process?
Develop a program that prints the sum the even number from 30 to 50.
Is it necessary for an algorithm to solve problem in finite number of steps? If ye why?
Compare a flowchart and an algorithm.
Write an algorithm to sum Array A elements and array B elements.
What is meant by logical errors and Why logical errors occur?
What does debugging mean? Write a note on different types of programming errors.
Describe ON-ERROR GOTO statement in BASIC with example.
Write down the use of inner loop and outer loop in table or two dimensional arrays.
Write a program to print first ten natural numbers using loop.
Write a note on While-Wend loop with example.
Describe the importance of program documentation?
Describe important features of BASIC language.
Why clear commond is used in BASIC.
Discuess the different types of variable in BASIC Language.
Explain CIRCLE statement in BASIC language.
Describe the character set of BAS language.
How can “Cut” and “Paste” the specific paragraph in MS-Word?
Write note on same common used numeric function.
Write down the purpose of BEEP () and SIN () Functions.
Write a program to produce five concentric circles of different radii.
Write a program to print a list of numbers from the given numbers. 6,42,4,77,32,9,21,22,8,45,15,46.
Describe about printing two dimensional arrays with the help of an example.
Write a program to draw a parallelogram by using DRAW Statement.
Draw a statement and write syntax with the help of an example.
Write a program to calculate the area of a triangle. The program should get the values for base and altitude of the triangle from the user, and display the result.
What is ON GOTO statement? Explain with example.
What is Modular programming? Describe different steps involved in programming development?
Write a purpose of the function keys i.e., from F1 and F9 in GW-BASIC.
What if file handing? Write a detailed note on sequential files.
Describe sequential access method.
What does it mean by type conversion? Describe rules of type conversion in BASIC.
What are Variables? How can we declare a variables name?
What are the advantages flowcharts? Discuss limitation of flowchart.
What is toolbar? Describe the method of cutomizing the toolbar.
How is data written and read to and from the random data file?
Give an example and explain the use of comma (,) and semi colon(;) with print statement.
How can you run the spell checker MS Word?
Explain relational operators used in BASIC with examples.
Describe DIM Statement. Also give example.
Define the different views of the document.
Define the COLOR statement. How many color background are available with color statement?
Define and explain an array. Describe its different types and uses?
Define top down design.
Explain the use of GOSUB and RETURN statement.
Explain the title bar.
Difference between SPC and Space function?
Defferentiate between medium resolution graphics mode and high resolution graphic mode.
Differentiate between CLS and clear command.
Distinguish between Formatting Toolbar and Standard Toolbar.
Differentiate between variable and constant?
Differentiate between single-precision variables and double-precision variables.
Differentiate between runtime errors and logical errors.
Differentiate between data file and program file.
Differentiate between BASIC Command and statements.
Differentiate between a variable and constant.
Differentiate BASIC commands and statements.
Differentiate between Bug and debugging?

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