Important Stories from Morals for 1st Year 2017

Important Stories from Morals for 1st Year 2017

Note: (English Guess Papers 2017 11th Class) All published material contains an informatory data which is only gathered for educational purpose. These guesses are prepared after detailed analysis of past five years exams. Our entire team and/or publishers are not responsible in case of variation in assumed results and outcomes. However the purposes of attempted efforts are to provide accurate and effective knowledge to the readers, in any case our entire team and/or publishers will not be responsible for the accuracy or misusage of all published material.

موسٹ امپورٹنٹ سوالات کے لیا سائٹ پیپر سے کچھ دن پھیلے بی چیک کریں: شکریہ

یہ پیپر اولڈ اور نیو کورس کا تجزیہ کر کے تیار کیا گیا ہے (٢٠١۲ سے ٢٠١۶ اولڈ پپیرس ). اپپنے سلیبس کے مطابق تیاری کریں شکریہ.

Frequently Asked Questions (2012 to 2016)

Important Stories from Morals for 1st Year 2017

Try, try again

Pride hath a fall

Slow and study wins the race

Union is strength

Where there is a will, there is a way

As you sow so shall you reap?

Do well and have well/Do good have good

God helps those who help themselves

Greed is a curse / A bird in hand is worth two in the bush

A friend in need is a friend indeed

A stitch in time saves nine

All that glitters is not gold

United we stand divided we fall

Kindness never goes unrewarded

Look before you leap / Do not build castle in the air

Haste makes waste

Cleverness always pays

Honesty is the best policy

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  1. Itni zayada

  2. Ary Bahi ye keya sari stories hi karni thi to geses ka kia fiada

  3. esay kya guss paper kahtay hain guss ka mtlab ye hota hai k 5 ya 7 stories ye bi zyada hai total 20 hai os me say 15 ap ne bta di koi hall nai ap ka bi pagal bna rkha hai muje pta hai mera comment nhi aye ga lekin ap zror gorr kray ?

    • These guesses are prepared after detailed analysis of past years exams. (Frequently Asked Questions). Please read the Important Note before use any material. Thank You.

  4. plz sir fa English prt 1.2 k guess papers send me please

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