Interesting Facts about Facebook You Probably Don’t Know

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Interesting Facts about Facebook You Probably Don’t Know


  • Founder of Facebook Mark Zukerberg is color blind. He has red-green color blindness and sees blue the dearest. That is why Facebook primary color is blue
  • Mark Zukerberg is CEO of Facebook but still have 4th user id on facebook. i.e The reason behind this user id is that Facebook was started in Feb 4, 2004 so 4 is little special for Mark Zukerberg. User Id 1, 2, 3 has no users.
  • You can’t block Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook.
  • In 2006, a guy named Chris Putnam hacked into Facebook and made thousands of profiles look like MySpace profiles. Facebook hired him.
  • 600,000 hacking attempts are made to Facebook accounts every day
  • Before, Facebook has domain name TheFacebook.Com. That is why you can also open facebook using
  • Facebook pays $500 to anyone who hacks into it.
  • Smartphone users check Facebook 14 times a day.
  • Mark Zuckerberg didn’t want to add photo-sharing to Facebook, but Sean Parker convinced him to. Facebook is now the most popular photo-sharing site.
  • Almost 8.7 % of Facebook users are fake.
  • The average person spends between 18 and 20 minutes viewing their Facebook account. If you combine every user, that what would be around 20 billion minutes!
  • Facebook tracks which sites you visit, even AFTER you have signed out.
  • There are about 30 million dead people on Facebook.
  • If facebook was a country, it would be the third most populated country in the world.
  • The original idea for the like button was to name it as “Awesome” button.
  • Facebook has a feature that lets you designate who will manage your account after you die.
  • Facebook is banned in three major Asian countries: China, Vietnam and North Korea.
  • About 293,000 status updates are posted every minute on Facebook.
  • Any text you put into the status update box is sent to Facebook’s servers, even if you don’t click the post button.
  • About 1.8 million likes are given every minute. Forty-four percent of users like something every day.
  • The “Facebook for Every Phone” page has more likes than any other page, with about 530 million as of April 2015.
  • One law firm indicated that Facebook plays a role in one-fifth of Divorces.

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