Introduction To Business Notes


  1. Bilal Khan Yousafzai

    Sum of activities concerned production and purchase or sale of goods and services for the earnings of profit.

  2. Assalam…o…Alaikum…….!!!!!
    I am a student of Bachelors of business administration having first semester… But i need to know how to study and make one self prepare for exams but i don’t have books and want to study online through Internet so can any one tell me how should i study bcoz when ever i try to search any topic on the internet so i don’t find the exact answer etc…. plzz help.

  3. i am studying business and i need conceptual notes which provides me better knowledge about business SO kindly do a favor to me . i shall be highly grateful to you. THANKS

  4. Just I’m studying business. I want good information from any where

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