Money & Banking Notes

Money & Banking Notes

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Five parts of the financial system

Five core principles of money and banking

Money & the payment system

Other forms of payments

Financial intermediaries

Financial instruments & financial markets 

Financial institutions

Time value of money

Application of present value concepts

Bond pricing & risk

Measuring risk

Evaluating risk

Bonds & bonds pricing

Yield to maturity

Shifts in equilibrium in the bond market & risk

Bonds & sources of bond risk

Tax effect & term structure of interest rate

The liquidity premium theory

Valuing stocks 

Risk and value of stocks

Role of financial intermediaries


Balance sheet of commercial banks

Bank risk

Interest rate risk

Non- depository institutions

The government safety net

The government’s bank

Low, stable inflation

Meeting the challenge: creating a successful central bank

The monetary base

Deposit creation in a single bank

Money multiplier

Target federal funds rate and open market operation

Why do we care about monetary aggregates?

The facts about velocity

The portfolio demand for money

Money growth, inflation, and aggregate demand

Deriving the monetary policy reaction curve

The aggregate demand curve

The aggregate supply curve

Equilibrium and the determination of output and inflation

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