Multiple Choice Question for Commercial Geography I.Com Part 2 Test 2

Multiple Choice Question for Commercial Geography I.Com Part 2 Test 2

1. Which district of Sindh is most thickly populated


2. The Iron Age began in the world


3. When the population of the world reached at the six billion


4. In the world Australia is the largest producer of


5. On which river Chashma Hydel Power Project has been constructed


6. Where does exist the best quality of fish


7. When Pakistan came into the existence at the world map


8. The word Geography is related to the language


9. Monsoon forests are mostly found in


10. Which is the largest river of Pakistan?


11. Where in Pakistan first nuclear power station was established


12. Which type of economic activity is furniture manufacturing?


13. Which season is prominent from July to September in Pakistan?


14. How much area of Pakistan is under Forests


15. Which is the most important and largest river of Pakistan?


16. In sub-continent province of Punjab


17. The word “Graphy” means


18. When Pakistan resolution was approved


19. In the World Saudi Arabia ranks in Mineral Oil Production


20. Where does U.S.A’s largest iron and steel industry centre locate


21. How many International Airport are in Pakistan


22. In which sea the maximum fish is available


23. Maximum fish resources are


24. When was the fabric (nylon) invented?


25. Tea plantation is carried out mostly in


26. When the modem cotton industry was started


27. When was Pakistan International Air Line formed?


28. Which country lies in the east of Pakistan?


29. What is the length of Pakistan and Iran boundary?


30. Cotton Textile Industry is dependent on the crop of


31. According to current estimates forests are of the earth


32. The most useful animal of tundra region is


33. Which was first hydro power project of Pakistan


34. Which is the highest peak of Sulaiman Range?


35. In which country is the origin of rice plant


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