Multiple Choice Question for Commercial Geography I.Com Part 2 Test 1

Multiple Choice Question for Commercial Geography I.Com Part 2 Test 1

1. Which artificial fiber was discovered in 1930?


2. Labor is an Economic Activity


3. Which is the artificial silk?


4. Which are the driest areas of the World?


5. World leading cotton textile producer is


6. Where first nuclear power plant was constructed


7. Which is the cheapest and useful metal of the world?


8. Coniferous forests in Pakistan are found in


9. Population density per sq mile of the world is


10. The finest type of iron is


11. Important oil producing country of South America is


12. Is famous for herring fish


13. The weather of coastal area of Pakistan remains


14. Country which ranks 3rd in world tea production is


15. Which soil has no plantation?


16. Which city in Pakistan receives the highest rainfall?


17. The plantation of an area depends upon


18. How many kinds are there for cattle herding?


19. Which is the best quality of coal?


20. In which thing the most rubber is used in the World


21. More than 40% of world fish production comes from


22. Is the 2nd source of water availability in Pakistan?


23. How many fish is caught by seas in the World


24. In which province of Pakistan has 55% of total population


25. The total wheat cultivation of the world 45% is cultivated in


26. The larger part of world population inhabits


27. What is the total area of Pakistan?


28. Cotton is called


29. For irrigation how many types of canals are found in Pakistan?


30. Which country lies in the North east of Pakistan?


31. Which crop is called Silver Fiber?


32. What is the percentage of cultivated area in Pakistan?


33. Of which province Lower Indus Plain is comprised


34. The color of soil with more iron ingredients is


35. The name of the organization of oil exporting countries is


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