Multiple Choice Question for Commercial Geography I.Com Part 2 Test 3

Multiple Choice Question for Commercial Geography I.Com Part 2 Test 3

1. The tea plant was first found in


2. According to experts how much area of a country must be covered under forests?


3. Highest production of gold in the world is


4. The population of the world is more than


5. PIA came into existence in


6. According to census of 1998 how many people are living in urban areas in Pakistan?


7. Which continent of the world is densely populated?


8. How many words are in Geography?


9. From which language the word “Geo” has been taken


10. In which economic activity the fishing industry is included


11. Proportion of agriculture irrigated area in Pakistan is


12. The busiest air port of Pakistan is


13. Sugar proportionate in Pakistan’s sugar cane is


14. Which continent has the lowest population?


15. Which Iranian city is linked by a railway line from Quetta?


16. An important research institute “IRRI” is situated


17. In which season wheat is cultivated in Pakistan


18. Modem cotton fabrics industry started


19. Which of the following mineral has the maximum production in Pakistan?


20. In the sub-continent, the cultivation of maize started in


21. Due to monsoon winds rainfall occurs in Pakistan


22. Length of Lahore Islamabad motorway is


23. Which is the occupation of people living on the banks of rivers?


24. Blast Furnace was invented by


25. Forests provide which important gas


26. Demersal fish is found in


27. Second nuclear power station of Pakistan established at


28. Wheat is cultivated


29. Where the equatorial evergreen forests are found


30. In the South of Pakistan is


31. Which is the most densely populated country of South East Asia?


32. The most important woolen textile manufacturing center in England is


33. When Uranium invented


34. A female silkworm lays eggs at a time


35. Tobacco crop is prepared


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