Multiple Choice Question for Principles of Banking I Com Part 2 Test 1

Multiple Choice Question for Principles of Banking I Com Part 2 Test 1

1. Central Bank controls


2. Who choose the governor of central bank?


3. The loans which are issued for the period of one to five years called


4. The forms of cash reserve of commercial bank


5. Illiterate person provides to the bank for identity


6. Which of the following document is used to deposit money into bank?


7. Which bank was formed under the royal order?


8. The charge or price for the use of money is called


9. Clubs, Cooperative Societies and Associations etc, are entitled as following concern


10. Which of the following is an order of payment by one post office for another post office?


11. Central bank discounts the bills of


12. Important parties of cheque are


13. Islamic development bank provides finance to


14. Generally, the instrument or medium used in foreign receipts and payments is called


15. Central bank controls


16. Commercial bank is the economic advisor of


17. On which account bank does not pay interest


18. When were the Pakistani banks nationalized?


19. In Pakistan clearing house is


20. What is necessary to withdraw money through ATM?


21. Current account is opened normally by


22. Objective of State Bank is


23. Which one of the following in not the preference of State Bank of Pakistan


24. Basic objective of central bank is


25. National Bank of Pakistan was formed


26. Issues currency notes


27. Kinds of loan according to term are


28. Overdraft facility is available


29. Scheduled bank is registered in


30. State Band of Pakistan was formed in


31. Law for the registration of schedule banks


32. Important parties of bill of exchange are


33. Commercial Bank advises its customer on


34. Endorsement of a cheque is always


35. Minimum paid up capital of Non-Scheduled Bank


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