Multiple Choice Question for Principles of Banking I Com Part 2 Test 2

Multiple Choice Question for Principles of Banking I Com Part 2 Test 1

1. What type of institution is a bank?


2. Which can open the saving account?


3. On which account a Bank pays maximum rate of interest


4. In Pakistan which Bank works as controller of money?


5. Central Bank provides loan facility to


6. Application for registration of Bank should be signed at least promoters


7. Which account is suitable for business community?


8. The parties of Promissory Note are


9. Issuance of currency notes is the authority of


10. The person who opens a bank account is called


11. When did the Bank of England establish


12. Rate of interest in case of fixed deposit account


13. Saving account can be opened by


14. Suitable Bank Account for businessmen is


15. Commercial Bank creates credit


16. Cheque having past date is called


17. Written in Memorandum of Association


18. The Islamic Banking System started in Pakistan in


19. The bill of exchange has three


20. Central Bank has monopoly


21. The signature of the following is compulsory on bill of exchange


22. Central Bank of India is


23. Cheque is crossed by


24. What type of institution is a Bank?


25. Scheduled Bank is registered with


26. Which bank can open their branch in foreign countries?


27. The basic first objective of Central Bank is


28. The commercial bank may be


29. Which of the following is function of Central Bank?


30. The Bank established under Royal Charter is called


31. The document by which the people are invited to buy the shares of the Bank is called


32. What is the purpose of using credit card?


33. Bill of exchange is


34. Cheque is an unconditional order


35. A cheque which can be cashed by its holder


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