Pakistan Studies Notes

Pakistan Studies Notes

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Ideology of Pakistan

Ideology of Pakistan in the light of statements of quaid-i-azam and allama iqbal

The aligarh movement

Sir syed ahmad khan and his contributions

Major political developments 1857-1918

The khilafat movement

Muslim politics in british india: 1924-1935

Allama iqbal’s presidential address december 1930

Muslim politics and chaudhry rahmat ali

The congress ministries– policies towards muslims

The lahore resolution, 1940

Major political developments in 1945-46

Towards independence, 1947

Constitutional development in british india

The problems of the new state

The objectives resolution (1949)

Constitutional issues

Constitution making (1947-56)

The 1956 constitution

The 1962 constitution

The 1973 constitution

Political history

Political history (1972-2003)

Geography, land, boundaries and neighborhoods

Natural resources, agriculture

Industrial development

Education in Pakistan

Foreign policy of Pakistan

Pakistan and the muslim world

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