Past Paper Punjab University 2010 BSC Botany Paper C

Past Paper Punjab University 2010 BSC Botany Paper C

Welcome to Taleem E Pakistan BSC Botany Paper C 2010 Botany Medium Punjab University Section, the largest collection of PU Botany Past Papers, that provides to the educational needs of all students to enable them to study at their own way. Scroll down to watch Punjab University BSC Botany Paper C 2010 Past Paper.


Subject: BOTANY (New Course) (BSC)

Time: 3 Hrs Paper: C

Attempt FIVE questions selecting at least TWO from each section.


Question # 1

(A) Describe briefly the structure and functions of Lipids.
(B) What are Nucleic Acids? What role do they play in nature? Describe briefly.

Question # 2

(A) Discuss briefly the physicochemical nature of cytoplasm.
(B) Give the ultra-structure and functions of Mitochondria.

Question # 3

(A) How does Mitosis differ from Meiosis?
(B) Give an account of Meiosis I. What is the outcome of Meiosis?

Question # 4

(A) What are various chromosomal abnormalities and what is their significance in nature?
(B) Differentiate between the followings:
i: Deficiency and Duplication.
ii: Inversion and translocation.

Question # 5

(A) What are Proteins? Give their significance.
(B) Describe what is meant by primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary organization of protein macromolecules.


Question # 6

(A) Differentiate between Code and Codon. What is the significance of anticodon and where is it located?
(B) How gene expression is regulated? Describe briefly.

Question # 7

(A) Give a note on Darwin’s theory of evolution.
(B) What is genetic conservation? How can we achieve conservation of genetic material? Discuss briefly.

Question # 8

(A) Give a brief description of physical and chemical mutagens.
(B) Give a note on plant breeding techniques.

Question # 9

Define Linkage and Crossing-over. How linkage maps are constructed? How is linkage detected?

Question # 10

(A) What is Mendelian inheritance? Describe laws of Independent Assortment and Segregation.
(B) What is Hybridization? Write a brief note on plant breeding techniques.

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