Past Paper Punjab University 2010 BSC Botany Paper D

Past Paper Punjab University 2010 BSC Botany Paper C

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Subject: BOTANY (New Course) (BSC)

Time: 3 Hrs Paper: C

Attempt any FIVE questions in all but not more than three from any Section.


Question # 1

(A) What is plant growth? Discuss the role of Auxins and Gibberellins in regulating growth.
(B) Write a short note on passive and active transport of nutrients.

Question # 2

(A) What is Transpiration? Give an account of its types, importance and factors affecting it.
(B) Write a short note on plant tissue culture.

Question # 3

(A) Write a short note on Glycolysis and respiration.
(B) Give a brief account of Nastic moverner.

Question # 4

(A) What is Vernalization? Briefly discribe the concept and phasic development theory
(B) What is Photoperiodism. Discuss the role of Phytochromes in flowering.

Question # 5

(A) Briefly discuss mechanism of Photosynthesis.
(B) Write a brief note on nature and properties of Enzymes.


Question # 6

(A) What is soil Erosion? Discuss soil Erosion by water and its control.
(B) Write a short note on Biodiversity.

Question # 7

(A) What is soil,structure? Discuss its importance.
(b) Write a short note on environmental pollution.

Question # 8

(A) Define plant succession. Give brief account of Xerosere With emphasis on climax.
(B) What is precipitation and its different types?

Question # 9

(A) Define Biogeochemical cycles. Give an illustrated account of Nitrogen cycle.
(B) Give an account of Alpine veetaiion of Pakistan in relation to environmental conditions.

Question # 10

(A) What is plant community? Briefly discuss its synthetic characteristics
(B) Give an account of eco-physiological responses of plants to light.

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