Past Paper Punjab University 2012 BA Education Paper B English Medium

Past Paper Punjab University 2012 BA Education Paper B English Medium

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Subject: Education (B.A) Paper:B

Time:3 Hrs Marks:100

Note: Attempt any five questions. All questions carry equal marks.

Question # 1

Differentiate psychology and Educational Psychology. Explain Objectives and scope of Educational Psychology.

Question # 2

Differentiate Growth and Development? Explain the characteristics of different stages of Social Development.

Question # 3

Make a comparison between theory-of learning by trial and error, and learning by insight?

Question # 4

Define intelligence. Describe in detail four tests for measuring intelligence.

Question # 5

What are the causes of mental retardation? Suggest educational programme for mentally retarded children.

Question # 6

What is meant by Personality? Enlist the characteristics of an ideal personality in your point of view.

Question # 7

What steps you will take as an administrator of an educational institution to improve the administration of the institution?

Question # 8

Write advantages of co-curricular activities. What principles should be kept in view to organize co-curricular activities?

Question # 9

Describe in detail the role of Educational Institution in physical, mental and social development of students.

Question # 10

Write the note on following
i) Islamic Theory of Discipline ii) Kinds of Learning

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