Past Paper Punjab University 2012 BSC Zoology Paper A

Past Paper Punjab University 2012 BSC Zoology Paper A Zoology

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Subject: Zoology (BSC)

Time: 3 Hrs Paper: A


Question # 1

Make T/F statement. Give correct statement if it is false.

1) Trilobites existed aboUt 300 million years ago and became extinct about 200 million years ago.

2) The synthesis of RNA molecules from DNA is called translation.

3) Entomology is the study of insects.

4) Ribosomes contain DNA and protein.

5) Adipose tissue is loose connective tissues that consist of large cells that store glycogen.

8) During the Cambrian period all of the earth land mass united into a single continent called Pangaie.

7) imprintingls rapid learning process that apparently occure without mutation..

8) In animals, the endocrine system is citisely interrelated with the nervous system

9) Lyon (1908) had discovered a densely staining patch of chromatin present in cell nuclei of females but not males.

10) Incomplete dominance occurs where the heterozygote expresses the phenotype of both homozygotes.

Question # 2

Encircling the correct one.

1) Study of the geographic dittribution of plants and animals.
a) Histology b) Geology c) Biogeography d) Ethology

2) All of earth’s landmass united into a single continent during the Permian period called.
a) Panthalassa b) Pangaea c) Laurasia d) Gondwana

3) Prokaryotes are.
a) Animals b) Bacteria only c) Bacteria and cyanbacteria d) Plants

4) When two subunits of glucose join, they form a disaccharides called.
a) Maltose b) Lactose c) Sucrose d) Galactose

5) Cell membrane in animals is composed, mainly of molecules of
a) Lipids b) Proteins c) Nucleic acid d) Lipid and proteins

6) Nitrogen in nitrites and nitrates can be returned to the air as gaseous nitrogen by
a) Nitrogen fixing bacteria b) Nitrification of aintnunia c) Denitrifying bacteria d) None of these

7) Cellular respiration occurs in the.
a) Mitochondria b) Ribosomes c) Golgi complex d) Lysosome

8) The type of connective tissues that store lipids is.
a) Blood b) Adipose c) Epithelial d) Bone

9) Who developed the fluid mosaic ltiqd01 of membrane structure?
a) Singer and Nicolison b) Wilkon and Franklin c) WatsoQ and Click d) beawe and Tatum

10) Who performed the classical experiment of the salivary reflex of dog?
a) I.pavlov b) k.lotenz c) B.F. Skinner d) W.kohlar

11) Number of total ATP molecules synthesis out of complete oxidation of one glucose molecule?
a) 36 b) 38 c) 40 d) 42

12) Thefirst part of binomial name of an animal is the
a) Species b) Genus c) Family d) Order

13) Which one of the main controlling point in aerobic respiration in the enzymes?
a) Sucrase b) Enteroidnase c) Phosphofructokinase d) None of above

14) The ability of the plasma membrane to let some substance in and keep others out is called.
a) Homeostasis b) Selective permeability c) Facilitated diffusion d) Osmosis

15) GZ phase of cell cycle is characterized by
a) Replication of DNA b) replication of mitochondria c) Synthesis of microtubules d) Both B and C

16) Polar bodies are produced as a result of
a) Spermatogenesis b) Oogensis c) Histogenesis d) None of these

17) Who wrote book principles of Geology?
a) Charles Lyell b) Darwin c) Wallace d) Malthus

18) Acoustic communication refers the use of
a) Sound b) Touch c) Chemical d) None of these

19) S-phase of cell cycle is characterized by.
a) Replication of DNA b) Synthesis of protein c) Replication oLinitochondria d) Synthesis of microtubuies

20) A rat in a “skinnt,r box” developed by skinner is an example of.
a) Classical conditioning b) insight learning c) Instrumental conditioning d) Latent learning

Question # 3

Fill in the blanks.

1) When atoms interact chemically to folio molecules, electrical forces called ……. hold the atoms together.

2) …….. is the learning involves making associations without immediate reinforcement or reward.

3) ……… is membrane bound spherical organelles that contain enzymes called acid hydrolases.

4) …… speciation occurs when subpopulation become geographically isolated from one another.

5) …….. is a concetive tissues in which fluid called plasma suspends specialized red and white blood cell plus platelets.

6) Darwin read an essay by …… entitled.Essay on the principle of population.

7) ……. is the total of all the chemical reactions occurring in a cell.

8) The second pyrmidine in DNA is thymine where as in RNA it is ………

9) The major energy currency of all cells in a nucleotide called ……..

10) ……… is a steroid hormone produced in the cortex of the adrenal gland.

11) The end product of aerobic metabolisin — ATP, CO2 and ……… diffuse outward into the cytoplasm.

12) …….. technology can provide supplies of valuable proteins and useful bacteria.

13) Egg and sperm cells are specialized Sex cells called ……..

14) Genes of prokaryotes usually into fonctioni units ……..

15) …… called occurs when the heferozygole phenotype of both hortiozygotes

16) Proteins synthesis often occurs on the surface of the …….. Endo.

17) Active portions of chromosomes are ……..

18) AUG codes for the amino acid …… signal.

19) ……. recotinizes a specific sequern nucleotide called the promoter„

20) In kite 1950s M.mescison and F.stahl elegantly demonstrated an important aspect of DNA …….


Attempt any three of the following:

Question # 4

Briefly describe the structure of Plasma membrane

Question # 5

Write a note on genetic code.

Question # 6

What arc causes if Mutation?

Question # 7

How do Cofactors and Coenzymes unet is?

Question # 8

Write a note on Kreb’s Cycle

Question # 9

What is Insight learning ?


Attempt any one of topic.

Question # 10

Define Mitosis. Explain different phase of mitbsis

Question # 11

Describe structure and functions of Mitochondria

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