Past Paper Punjab University 2013 BSC Zoology Paper A

Past Paper Punjab University 2013 BSC Zoology Paper A Zoology

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Subject: Zoology (BSC)

Time: 3 Hrs Paper: A

Question # 1

Make True or False statement. Give correct statement if it is false

a) Imprinting is a rapid learning process that apparently occurs without mutation.

b) Mutualism occurs when an animal’s color pattern help hide the animal, or a developments stage, form another animal.

c) Tissues and organs of animals arise from layers or blocks of embryonic cells called primary germ layers.

d) Cytokinesis usually start sometime during late anaphase or early telophase.

e) In protozoa and sponges vacuoles are used for storing food.

f) Chromatins consist of DNA and myoglobin.

g) Parapatric speciation occurs when subpopulation become geographically isolated from one another.

h) Lyon (1908) had discovered a densely staining patch of chromatin present in cell nuclei of females but not males.

i) When many amino acids bonds, they form a chain called a polypeptide.

j) One of the most important coenzymes in the cell is the hydrogen acceptor Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.

Question # 2

Choose the best answer.

1) Who proposed the idea of Kin selection?
a) Darwin b) Hamilton c) Lyell d) Lamark

2) Phosphorus is an essential component of
a) Glucose b) chlorophyll c) ATP d) none

3) Paleontologists estimate that the earth is about billion years old.
a) 3.5 b) 4.5 c) 5.6 d) 6.6

4) Which one of following is a biologically active steroid?
a) Triacylglycerol b) amino acids c) cholesterol d) phospholipids

5) The building blocks of fats molecules are
a) Fatty acids b) glyceraldehydes c) ketones d) lipoproteins

6) Carbohydrates link with protein and fats of plasma membrane to form
a) glycolipids b) glycoprotein c) both A & B d) None

7) Darwin’s finches are found in
a) Australia b) New Zealand c) Galapagos island d) South Africa

8) Theory of inheritance of acquired characters was formulated by
a) Lyell b) Lamark c) Darwin d) Wallace

9) Enzymes are very
a) General in their reaction action b) Specific in their action c) Precise in their action d) None of these

10) ATP (adenosine triphosphate) is
a) Enzymes b) protein c) Energy rich compounds d) both A and b

11) Glycolysis and fermentation take place in
a) mitochondria b) cytoplasm c) nucleus d) ribosomes

12) The end products of aerobic metabolism are
a) ATP b) CO2 c) H2O d) all of a, b, c

13) Acoustic communication refers the use of
a) Sound b) touch c) chemical d) none

14) Ichthyology is the study of
a) Insects b) birds c) fishes d) amphibians

15) In SCID disease, T-lymphocyte fails to produce enzymes.
a) Adenosine diphosphate b) adenosine deaminase c) Arginase d) funarase

16) Prokaryotes are
a) Animals b) bacteria only c) bacteria and cyanobacteria d) plants

17) inter calted disk would be found in
a) Skeletal muscle b) smooth muscle c) cardiac muscle d) All of these

18) S-phase of cell cycle is characterized by
a) Replication of DNA b) replication of mitochondria c) Synthesis of microtubules d) synthese of protein

19) Polar bodies are produced as a result of
a) Spermatogenesis b) oogenesis c) plasmogensis d) none of these

20) A rat in a “skinner box” developed by skinner is an example of
a) Classical conditioning b) instrumental conditioning c) Latent learning d) insight learning

Question # 3

Fill in the blanks.

1) All life is based on the fundamental molecules ……..

2) ……is the study of the classification of and the evolutionary interrelationships among animal groups.

3) In some instances, two proteins chains join to form a larger protein, the shape of which is called the ……

4) Surface carbohydrates and portions of the proteins and lipids make up the ……..

5) …….. is nonspecific uptake of small droplets of extra-cellular fluid

6) The …… is a non-membrane bound structure in the nucleoplasm that is present in non-dividing cells.

7) …….. are non-protein, organic molecules that participate on enzyme-catalyzed reactions.

8) ……… is a catabolic chemical reaction in which six carbon molecules break down to three carbon compound with net production of two molecules of ATP.

9) In spermatogenesis, secondary spermato cytes undergo a second meiotic division to form ……..

10) ……… usually result from two breaks in a chromosome and the loss of the intervening chromosomes segment.

11) A ……. consists of nitrogen-containing organic base, a pentose sugar and a phosphate group.

12) ……….. technologies can provide supplies of valuable protein and useful bacteria.

13)The initial cleavages of a chicken egg result in the formation of a disk of cytoplasm, the ……. at the animal end of the embryo.

14) The combination of population genetics with Darwinian evolutionary theory is called ……..

15) Immigration or emigration upsets the ……. equilibrium, resulting in changes in gene frequency.

16) ….. occurs in a population when two or more distinct forms exist without a range of phenotypes between them.

17) …… is the study of the evolution of social behavior.

18) ……. Conditioning is a type of learning documented by Russian physiologist, Ivan Pavlov.

19) …… is the transfer of information from one animal to another.

20) …….. Selection refers to the animal’s choice of a place to live.


Attempt any Three questions.

Question # 4

What are causes of Mutation?

Question # 5

Write a note on genetic code.

Question # 6

What is insight learning?

Question # 7

What are the main steps in spermatogenesis?

Question # 8

What are the different types of connective tissues?

Question # 9

Briefly explain Nitrogen cycle.


Attempt any One Question.

Question # 10

Describe structure and function of cell membrane.

Question # 11

Describe the main points along with diagram during the process of meiosis.

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