Past Paper Punjab University 2014 BSC Botany Paper A

Past Paper Punjab University 2014 BSC Botany Paper A

Welcome to Taleem E Pakistan BSC Botany Paper A 2014 Botany Medium Punjab University Section, the largest collection of PU Botany Past Papers, that provides to the educational needs of all students to enable them to study at their own way. Scroll down to watch Punjab University BSC Botany Paper A 2014 Past Paper.


Subject: BOTANY (New Course) (BSC)

Time: 3 Hrs Paper: A

Two questions from Part I & Three from Part II Elaborate your answer with labeled diagrams, where necessary


Question # 1

(A) Define bacteriophage. Explain lysogenic cycle of virus.
(B) Write in detail the envelope of bacteria.

Question # 2

(A) Explain reproduction in volvox.
(B) Draw and label nocule of chara.

Question # 3

(A) Describe the life cycle of Puccinia.
(B) How fungi differ from Algae.

Question # 4

(A) What is laminaria, give its sexual reproduction.
(B) Write vegetative structure of ANternaria.


Question # 5

(A) Give general characters of Bryophytes.
(B) Explain gametophyte of Polytirichum.

Question # 6

(A) Define stele. What different types of stele are found in tracheophytes.
(B) Explain aerial axis of psilotum.

Question # 7

(A) Explain life cycle of Poly podium.
(B) Dexribe phyllotaxy in selaginella.

Question # 8

Describe anatomy of Ephedra stem and Root of Cycas.

Question # 9

(A) Explain life cycle of Pinus.
(B) Describe ovule of cycas.

Question # 10

(A) How angiosperms differ from gymnosperm?
(B) Explain cone of equisetum.

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