Past Paper Punjab University 2014 BSC Botany Paper D

Past Paper Punjab University 2014 BSC Botany Paper D

Welcome to Taleem E Pakistan BSC Botany Paper D 2014 Botany Medium Punjab University Section, the largest collection of PU Botany Past Papers, that provides to the educational needs of all students to enable them to study at their own way. Scroll down to watch Punjab University BSC Botany Paper D 2014 Past Paper.


Subject: BOTANY (New Course) (BSC)

Time: 3 Hrs Paper: D

Attempt any five questions. Selecting Two Q. from each part. Elaborate your answer with labeled diagrams.


Question # 1

(A) Enlist essential plant nutrients. Differentiate between active and passive transport of nutrients. Describe role and deficiency symptoms of nitrogen and calcium in plants.
(B) What are colloids? Briefly discuss their significance in biological systems.

Question # 2

(A) Define phytohormones. Discuss the role of Gibberellins and Cytokinins in plant growth.
(B) Define phytochromes. Classify the Flowering plants according to their photoperiodic responses.

Question # 3

(A) Give a detailed account of cohesion-tension theory of ascent of sap.
(B) Define transpiration ratio. Why desert adapted plants have lower transpiration Ratios.

Question # 4

(A) Define respiratory quotient? How it is associated with the type of respiratory substrates.
(B) Write a short note on Krebs cycle.

Question # 5

(A) What are enzymes? How they are classified? Discuss their nature and properties.
(B) Define seed dormancy. What are the causes of seed dormancy?


Question # 6

(A) What is Soil Organic matter? What is its importance?
(B) Give an account of different modes of seed dispersal.

Question # 7

(A) Discuss the effects of air pollution on vegetation.
(B) Write a short note on soil organisms.

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