Past Paper Punjab University 2015 BSC Botany Paper C

Past Paper Punjab University 2015 BSC Botany Paper C

Welcome to Taleem E Pakistan BSC Botany Paper C 2015 Botany Medium Punjab University Section, the largest collection of PU Botany Past Papers, that provides to the educational needs of all students to enable them to study at their own way. Scroll down to watch Punjab University BSC Botany Paper C 2015 Past Paper.

Punjab University B.Sc-2015 Time Allowed: 3Hrs.
Botany PAPER: C Max.Marks:35

Note: Attempt FIVE questions selecting at least TWO from each Section. All questions carry equal marks. Draw suitable diagrams where necessary.


Question # 1

(a) What are Carbohydrates? Explain their structure and Function 5
(b) Give the importance of Proteins. 2

Question # 2

(a) Explain Plasma Membrane in detail. 5
(b) Give the importance of Mitosis. 2

Question # 3

(a) Give the structure and function of Endoplasmic Reticulum. 5
(b) Write a short note on Ribosomes 2

Question # 4

(a) Describe the ultra-structure and morphology of Chromosomes. 4
(b) Explain Cell Cycle. 3

Question # 5

(a) What are chromosomal aberrations? 3
(b) Explain Addition and Deletion with examples. 4


Question # 6

(a) Describe the Law of Segregation with example. 4
(b) Differentiate between Dominance, Pseudo dominance, and Incomplete dominance. 3

Question # 7

(a) Describe DNA Replication. 5
(b) Write a note on Linkage. 2

Question # 8

(a) Write a note on Genetic code. 3
(b) Explain Transcription and Translation. 4

Question # 9

(a) Explain Genetic Techniques. 5
(b) Define the following terms. 2
i. Plasmid. ii. Okazaki Fragments.

Question # 10

Explain Theory of Natural Selection and compare it with Theory of Acquired Characters. 7

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