Past Paper Punjab University 2015 BSC Botany Paper D

Past Paper Punjab University 2015 BSC Botany Paper D

Welcome to Taleem E Pakistan BSC Botany Paper D 2015 Botany Medium Punjab University Section, the largest collection of PU Botany Past Papers, that provides to the educational needs of all students to enable them to study at their own way. Scroll down to watch Punjab University BSC Botany Paper D 2015 Past Paper.

Punjab University B.Sc-2015 Time Allowed: 3Hrs.
Botany PAPER: D Max.Marks :35

Note: Attempt FIVE questions, in all but not more than THREE from any section. All questions carry equal marks.


Question # 1

(a) Define solution culture or hydroponics. Describe role and deficiency symptoms of nitrogen and potassium in plants. 5
(b) What are colloids? Briefly discuss their significance in biological systems. 2

Question # 2

(a) Define plant growth. Discuss the role of Auxins and Cyrolcinins in plant growth: 5
(b) Classify the Flowering plants according to their photoperiodic responses. 2

Question # 3

(a) Discuss various factors affecting transpiration from plant surfaces.. 4
(b) Differentiate between:
(a) Absorption and Action Spectra.
(b) Photophosphorylation and Oxidative phosphorylation

Question # 4

(a) Justify the following statement: The plant citric acid cycle function is more flexible than the mammalian citric acid cycle.3
(b) Write a short note on Krebs cycle. 4

Question # 5

(a) What are enzymes? How they are classified? Discuss their nature and properties. 4
(b) Define vernalization. Briefly describe its mechanism. 3


Question # 6

(a) What is Soil Organic matter? What is its importance? 3
(b) Give an account of different types of soil waters and their significance. 4

Question # 7

(a) Discuss the effects of water pollution on vegetation 4
(b) Write a short note on mycorrhizal fungi. 3

Question # 8

(a) Give an account of eco-physiological responses of plants to temperature. 4
(b) Define Precipitation. Describe its different types. 3

Question # 9

(a) Compare Transect and Quadrat method of sampling a plant community. 5
(b) Write a short illustrated account of water cycle. 2

Question # 10

(a) Discuss ecological energetic in terms of food chains food web and tropic levels. 5
(b) Write a short note on desertification. 2

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