Past Paper Punjab University 2015 BSC Computer Studies Paper B

Past Paper Punjab University 2015 BSC Computer Studies Paper B

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Punjab University B.Sc-2015 Time Allowed: 3Hrs.
Computer Studies PAPER: B Max. Marks:70

Note: Attempt three questions from part-I and three question from Part-II.

Part-I (Database Management Systems) Max Marks: 35

1: Question 1 in Part-I is compulsory.
2: Attempt any Two question from the remaining questions in Part-I

Question # 1

Choose the most appropriate option for the following statements and write on the provided answer sheet. (Please write only correct options, no need to write whole Answer). (Marks: 10)

1. The following SQL-SELECT statement is using which type of join:
a) Equi-Join
b) Theta-Join
c) Outer Join
d) None of them

2. Pick the relationship from the following:
a) A classroom
b) Teacher
c) Attends
d) Cost per dozen

3. The result of a SELECT statement can contain duplicate rows.
a) True
b) False
c) Statement is not clear

4. A table is in second normal form (2NF) if
a) It includes no partial dependencies.
b) It includes no transitive dependencies.
c) It is in first normal form (INF) and it includes no partia dependencies.
d) It is in first normal form (INF) and it includes no transitive dependencies.

5. Who is responsible for authorizing access to the database, for coordinating and monitoring its use?
a) Database Designers
b) Database Adminstrators
c) End Users
d) Application Programmers

6. The property to get same data every time is known a …….
(a) Data Redundancy
(b) Data Consistency
(c) Data Anomaly
(d) Data Dependence

7. ……. are associations among entities.
(a) Degrees
(b) Cardinalities
(c) Relationships
(d) None of them

8. A person, place, object, event, or concept in the user environment about which the organization wishes to maintain data refers to a(n):
(a) Attribute
(b) Data Element
(c) Relationship
(d) Entity

9. The language used to describe the structure of a database is called the
(a) Structure Manipulation Language
(b) Data Definition Language
(c) Structure Definition Language
(d) Data Control Language

10. Which SQL keyword is used to sort the result-set?

Question # 2


(a) What is a DBMS? And also discuss different components of DBMS.
(b) Define primary key, Foreign Key and also discuss briefly role of these keys in database integrity.

Question # 3

Identify Entities with attributes, Relationships and Draw an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the Car Rental Co. (CRC). Use the following requirements and take your own assumptions (if needed) (Marks: 12.5)

The information required includes a description of cars, subcontractors (i.e.garages), company expenditures, company revenues and customers. Cars are to be described by such data as: make, model, year of production, engine size, fuel types, number of passengers, registration number, purchase price, purchase date, rent price and insurance details. It is the company policy not to keep any car for a period exceeding one year. All major repairs and maintenance are done by subcontractors (i.e. franchised garages), with whom CRC has long-term agreements. Therefore, the data about garages to be kept in the database includes garage names, addresses, range of
and the like. Some garages require payments immediately after a repair has been made; with others CRC has made arrangements for credit facilities. Company expenditures are to be registered for all outgoings connected with purchases, repairs, maintenance, insurance etc. Similarly the cash inflow coming from all sources- car hire, car sales, insurance claims must be kept of filet CRC maintenance a reasonably stable client base. For this privileged category of customers special credit card facilities are provided. These customers may also book in advance a particular car. These reservations can be made for any period of time up to one month. Casual customers must pay a deposit for an estimated time of rental, unless they wish to pay by credit card. All major credit cards care accepted. Personal details (such as name, address, telephone number, driving license, number) about each customer are kept in the database

Question # 4

(Marks 4+8.5=12.5)

(a) Define Attribute and its types
(b) Normalize the following “Patient_Visit” Relation up to. 3rd Normal form but step by step, show each intermediate resultant table with its data.

2015 Paper b question 4

Note: Doc ID: Doctor ID Doc_name: Doctor name Pat-ID Patient ID Pat_name: Patient name Pat_address: Patient address Part-II (Operating Systems and Networks) Max.Marks:35

1. Question 5 in Part-II is compulsory
2. Attempt any TWO questions from the remaining questions in Part-II.

Question # 5

Choose the most appropriate option for the following statements and write on the provided answer sheet. (Please write only correct option’s, no need to write whole Answer).

1. Process is ……….
a) A program in execution
b) An instance of a program running on a computer
c) The entity that can be assigned to and executetd
d) All of the above

2. A process is in a …. state, if that process has been created but will not be considered for loading into memory or for execution.
(a) Running
(b) Exit
(c) Held
(d) Terminate

3. A tree topology is a.variation of a ………… topology.
(a) Mesh
(b) Start
(c) Buss
(d) Ring

4. On a system that uses simple paging, memory is divided into fixed-size blocks called page frames.
(a) True
(b) False
(c) Statement is not clear

5. On some systems, when a parent process terminates, all its children are automatically terminated. The children would teen have their children terminated, a process known as ……..
(a) Cascading termination
(b) Dependent termination
(c) Auto termination
(d) Inner termination

6. If all processes selected by Long Term Scheduler are I/0 bound, then the device queue will almost always be empty.
(a) True
(b) False
(c) Statement is not clear

7. The list of pages accessed by a process is called its ….
(a) Table
(b) Reference String
(c) Allocation String
(d) Table partitioning

8. Which of the following is not a transmission mode ?
(a) Simplex
(b) Half Duplex
(c) Semi Duplex
(d) Full Duplx

9. Coaxial cable carries signals of higher frequency ranges than …….. Cable.
(a) Twisted-par
(b) Optical Fiber
(c) Twisted Fiber
(d) Fiberr Pair

10. LED stands for …….
(a) Light emitting diode
(b) Laser exiting diode
(c) Light exile direction
(d) Laser emitting direction

Question # 6

(Marks: 6+6.5=12.5)

(a) Write a note on the Boot Process.
(b) Describe number of factors affect the determination of the page size.

Question # 7

Discuss different types of operating systems. (Marks:12.5)

Question # 8

Discuss briefly functions of Physical and Data Link Layers OSI model. (Marks:12.5)

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