Past Papers 2015 Lahore Board 9th Class English Compulsory Objective Group 2

Past Papers 2015 Lahore Board 9th Class English Compulsory Objective Group 2

Ninth Lahore Board 2015

English (Compulsory)       Paper – I (Objective Type)

Time Allowed: 20 Minutes Maximum Marks: 19


Note: Four possible answers A, B, C and D to each question are given. The choice which you think is correct, fill that circle in front of that question with Marker or Pen ink. Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that

Question # 1

Choose the correct form of verb and fill up the bubbles sheet


  1. After you _______ I went to sleep.

(A) Will left

(B) Had left

(C) Is leaving

(D) Left

2. She _______ to school an hour ago

(A) Went

(B) Will go

(C) Is going

(D) Go

  1. After you had left I _______ the medicine

(A) Am taking

(B) Taken

(C) Took

(D) Take

  1. They _______ all night

(A) Travelled

(B) Traveling

(C) Have been traveling

(D) Are travelling

5. We _______ trees last month

(A) Shall grow

(B) Grown

(C) Growing

(D) Grew

Choose the word with correct spelling and fill up the bubbles sheet

6.  (A) Ensure (B) Innsure (C) Ensnare (D) Ensoar

  1. (A) Severe (B) Sivear (C) Sivere (D) Savere
  2. (A) Domistic (B) Doemestic (C) Domestic (D) Dumastic
  3. (A) Spair (B) Spare (C) Speer (D) Spere

Choose the correct meanings of the underlined word and fill up the bubbles sheet

10. People must develop more awareness about noise pollution.

(A) Rationalism

(B) Knowledge

(C) Realization

(D) Reality

11. Genetic means.

(A) Relating to public

(B) Relating to human being

(C) Relating to creation

(D) Relating to genes

12. Drug addiction is a common problem.

(A) General

(B) Mutual

(C) Decided

(D) Famous

13. Aware of means

(A) Conscious

(B) Be able

(C) Capable of

(D) Good at

14. Curative means

(A) Intend to health

(B) Intend to cure

(C) Intend to recover

(D) Intend to richness

Choose the correct option according to the grammar and fill up the bubbles sheet

15. She is more beautiful. The underlined word is

(A) Degree

(B) Person

(C) Number

(D) Noun

  1. Dinner was good. The underlined word is

(A) Adjective

(B) Adverb

(C) Comparative degree

(D) Superlative degree

16. She walked here. The underlined word is

(A) Adverb of time

(B) Adverb of manner

(C) Adverb of place

(D) Adverb of frequency

17/ The horse runs in the pasture. The underlined word is

(A) Number

(B) Noun

(C) Tense

(D) Predicate

18. Jumping is fun. The underlined word is

(A) Participle

(B) Present participle

(C) Infinite

(D) Gerund

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