Past Papers 2015 Lahore Board 9th Class English Subjective Group 2

Past Papers 2015 Lahore Board 9th Class English Subjective Group 2

Ninth Lahore Board 2015

English (Compulsory) Paper-1 (Essay Type)

Time Allowed 2.10 Hours Maximum Marks: 56



Question # 2

Answer any FIVE of the following questions:    10

  1. What type of land Arabia is?
  1. How will you define patriotism?
  1. What are the two major means of communication?
  2. How did Hazrat Asma (R.A.) console her grandfather?
  3. What was the first revelation?
  4. How can we become a strong nation?
  5. Who constructed Mosque Sophia?
  6. Why has she no time to waste in longings? (Three Days to See)


Question # 3

Translate any two of the following paragraphs into Urdu: 4,4

  • The preparation for this journey was made at the house of Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddique (R.A). Hazrat Asma (R.A) rendered useful services in this regard. She prepared food for this journey. She tied the food on the camel .back with her own belt as nothing else could be found.
  • The most important element in the interior of the mosque is the mejirab, which is made of finely carved marble. To the right of the mehrab is a richly decorated pulpit. The mosque is so designed that even when it is most crowded, everyone in the mosque can hear and see the Imam.
  • How was it possible, I asked myself, to walk for an hour in the woods and see nothing worthy of note? I who cannot see can find hundreds of things to interest me through mere touch. I feel the delicate symmetry of a leaf I pass my hands lovingly about the smooth skin of a silver birch.


Rewrite any two above paragraphs into simple English.

Question # 4           

Write down the summary of the poem “Daffodils” by Williams Wordsworth.            5


Paraphrase the following lines into simple English with reference to the context:

Whose woods these are I think I know.

His house is in the village though;

He will not see me stopping here

To watch his woods fill up with snow.

Question # 5

Use any FIVE of the following words/phrases/idioms in your sentences:    5

(i) urge (ii) ignorance (iii) value (iv) native (v) mad with anger (vi) reveal the secret (vii) pollution (viii) acquire

Question # 6

Write a letter to your brother about the importance of the study of science subjects. 8


Write a story with the moral “A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed.”


Write a dialogue between a tailor and a customer.

Question # 7

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given at the end:           10

Newspapers keep us constantly in touch with the whole of mankind. In olden days a man’s world consisted of his own village and one or two neighboring villages. It was difficult for him to know what was going on in other parts of the country. But today the press assisted by rapid means of communications brings us news from the farthest corners of the globe. The press is also responsible for educating public opinion. The laws of a nation are really shaped by its press. In fact the public receives guidance from the newspapers. Thus their power in modern times is really great.


  • What good do the newspapers do to us?
  • Why in olden days, man could not know what was going on in far off places?
  • What is the responsibility of the press today?
  • How the laws of a country are shaped now-a-days?
  • How are newspapers a source by public guidance?

Question # 8

Translate any FIVE of the following sentences into English:

Past Papers 2015 Lahore Board 9th Class English Subjective Group 2 

Exclusively for candidates whose Medium of Examination is English (Question –  8 Alternative to Urdu Translation)

Question # 8

Write TEN sentences about “A Dream”.  5

Question # 9

Change the voice of the following:           5

  • She gave me five films.
  • They had gained nothing.
  • We did not hear a sound.
  • We use milk for making cheese.
  • We shall have finished our work by March next.
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