Past Papers 2016 Lahore Board 9th Class Biology Objective Group 1

Biology 9th Lahore Board 2016 Group — I
Time 15 Min. Objective Type Marks 12

Note: Four possible answers A, B, C and D to each question are given. The choice which you think is correct, fill that circle in front of that question with Marker or Pen ink in the answer-book. Cutting or filling two or more circles will result in zero mark in that question.

Question # 1

1 Chemically enzymes are
(A) Protein
(B) Carbohydrates
(C) Lipids
(D) Fats

2 Scurvy is caused due to deficiency of in body
(A) Protein
(B) Vitamin C
(C) Vitamin D
(D) Lipids

3 It is the site for protein synthesis
(A) Ribosomes
(B) Vacuoles
(C) Mitochondria
(D) Nucleus

4 This blood group is known as universal donar
(A) A
(B) B
(C) AB
(D) 0

5 Scientific study of living organisms is called
(A) Biotechnology
(B) Chemistry
(C) Biology
(D) Geology

6 A.T. P is an example of
(A) Amino acid
(B) Fatty acid
(C) Nucleic acid
(D) Nucleotide

7 Jaber bin Hayan was born in
(A) Iraq
(B) Iran
(C) Kuwait
(D) China

8 At which stage cell doubles its chromosomes
(A) G-1 phase
(B) S-phase
(C) G-2 phase
(D) G-0 phase

9 National animal of Pakistan is
(A) Chakor
(B) Ibex
(C) Urial
(D) Markhor

10 Malaria is spread in sparrows by mosquito
(A) Culex
(B) Anopheles
(C) Dengue
(D) Aphids

11 A normal mature human heart has weight about
(A) 200-250 gram
(B) 250-350 gram
(C) 150-200 gram
(D) 100-200 gram

12 Which of these is acellular
(A) Human
(B) Bacteria
(C) Fungi
(D) Virus

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